How Lexy Panterra’s Twerking Skills Makes Me Feel ‘Just Peechy’

Celebrate your booty with Lexy Panterra as her twerking skills will make you feel ‘Just Peechy.’

Lexy Panterra is a singer/dancer who released a song called ‘Twerk Lesson‘ an attribute to her being the CEO of LTO Fitness, her twerking aerobics studio dedicated to keeping you in shape by helping you burn calories and staying toned by dropping it like it’s hot!

You may widely recognize her from Boo! Madea Halloween as Leah, the girl at the party twerking again Hattie to Tyga ‘Rack City’, but before she was on the silver screen she was the Youtube Queen releasing a series of online videos showing off her skills!

Almost a year later the cutie with the booty is still making a name for herself by opening up her new brand clothing line called ‘Just Peechy,’ a clothing line to celebrate the peachy bottom of every female.

Admittedly, I was a little hesitant to make a purchase, as I am no longer and far from my 20’s but when I tried the material I saw how it made my ass look when I twerked and then I fell in LOVE and naturally I wanted to share my story.

I just hope Lexy Panterra enjoys my love letter and I can meet her in person one day!


Rebel Peech

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