Hooters Shutting Down Locations Because People Aren’t Supposedly Into Boobs Anymore

According to a recent study, Millenials aren’t into boobs anymore which has caused Hooters to close down operations at several locations.

Hooters is shutting down a few of its locations and it’s all because millennials aren’t that into boobs.

According to a study done by Pornhub, “Pornhub visitors between the ages of 18 to 24 are 19% less likely to search for breasts when compared to all other age groups, but visitors aged 55 to 64 are 17% more likely to search.”

Because of the loss of interest, breast centric restaurants like Hooters and Twin Peaks are losing business.

According to Business Insider, the number of Hooters locations in the U.S has dropped by more than 7% from 2012 to 2016 and sales have stagnated.

Hooters has been trying to win over millennials for years; in 2012, the chain spiced up its image with a new decor and updated menu items, in an attempt to attract younger patrons and female customers.

They even pivoted and opened up a fast-casual location called Hoots, which features fully-clothed female and male waiters.

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