South Korean Man Fined For Spreading the Rumor of Wedding Between Dr. Dre and Former First Lady

A South Korean man is fined after spreading a rumor that NWA’s Dr. Dre was going to marry a former First Lady.

Dr. Dre has unfortunately found himself caught in some rumors and lies that’s received traction in South Korea. According to BBC, an unidentified man spewed false information of a wedding between the music mogul and the country’s former first lady, Lee Hee-ho.

The rumor began in January when the man published a blog post of the alleged wedding.  The wife of the country’s late President Kim Dae-jung, planned to marry the Beats by Dre founder “in order to launder the late Kim’s slush funds.”

Seoul Western District Court handed down a 5 million won ($4,400) fine for “defamation against the deceased.” Judge Lee Eun-hee said, “The rumor about the slush fund and the marriage between Lee and Dr. Dre is groundless.”

No word on why the unnamed person selected Dr. Dre, who’s actually already married, and with children.

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