Donald Trump’s “Pee Tape” Exists! Bombshell Report Backs Up Dossier Report Based on Witnesses Reports

The so-called “pee tape,” an alleged video recording of Donald Trump in a highly compromising situation with prostitutes in a Russian hotel room, may actually exist.

Pascal Mnyika

Christopher Steele’s “The Steele Dossier” published on January by BuzzFeed that aimed at confirming the allegations that President Trump was involved with the Russian government brought into light the existence of an alleged “Pee Tape”.

The “Pee Tape” that was part of the compilation by the British Intelligence agent allegedly shows Trump in the company of prostitutes in a Russian hotel room in a compromising situation. Many reporters have reported to have independently followed up on the truth of the Steele Publication and of recent, a wide circulating article by Paul Wood for a Bombshell report has been the center of focus regarding the allegations.

A follow up on the allegations published in August by Paul Wood, a BBC journalist has come up recently. The article endorses that indeed the “Pee Tape” exists based on witness interviews. The tape that is said to have been filmed by Russian Intelligence agents is reported by the “Dossier” to be a blackmailing tool used by the Russians against Trump.

According to “The Dossier”, Trump’s visit to Moscow in 2013 for the Miss Universe beauty pageant saw him rent a Presidential Suite at the city’s Ritz Carlton Hotel, a suite where the former President Barack Obama and the First lady Michelle Obama had stayed during their visit to Russia. He then proceeded to hire Russian prostitutes instructing them to ‘pee’ specifically on the beds where the Obama’s slept during their visit as a way of defiling the room.

Paul Wood’s August publication on the “Spectator” in Britain reports that a witness (name withheld) had witnessed a row in the hotel lobby that was centered on allowing the prostitutes into Trump’s suite. Wood however admits in the article that the “Pee tape” allegations are yet to be proven citing that Steele was not the only source of the information. Wood reports that even before the “Kompromat”, a Russian term for compromising material used in blackmail he had come across two sources that had detailed him on the incident.

Witnesses that share a matching story with that reported of the Dossier were also acknowledged in Woods publication and he believes that the Russians, including their President Vladimir Putin may be using the tape to blackmail Trump. He further adds that there is a possibility of there being more tapes with more comprising situions of Trump that they may have in possession. He warns that in the future the allegations posed on the alleged tapes will come up and we should be ready to embrace them.