‘Betty’s White Off Their Rockers’ Prankster Ann Benson Has Her Own Series Titled ‘Ann Asks’ on Youtube

The saying goes, “The older you get, the wiser you become” and that quote stands true with Ann Benson’s new series, ‘Ann Asks’.

Ann Benson is widely known as the senior prankster with the youthful spirit on Betty White’s Off Their Rockers comedy series where elders would pull pranks on unexpected young adults. Even though the series has ended it has not stop Ann career, she teamed up with producer Paul Howard to develop ‘Ann Asks‘ a YouTube web-series where everyday individuals do just that, “Ann Asks”.

“My sister knows a mom who reaches out to help immigrant families who have come to LA to live, doesn’t speak English, desperately need items, like a mattress for a baby’s crib, & have no idea how to procure it. This mom has a group of women who help her get immigrants settled into the community. I met an elegant black woman, a life coach, in my Tai Chi class, who started a school to turn young black girls into strong black women. These are two possible show ideas we will be doing before the year ends.”

What inspired the show ‘Ann Asks’?

I felt a strong need to do something meaningful—something uplifting.

How did you come to team up with Paul Howard to get it produced?

Paul and I had worked together before. He came to me, & asked if I would like to do a show with him. I said I would, but I didn’t want to do comedy.

What made you publish the show on YouTube via a major network?

Money.  We can produce this show for pennies, thanks to Paul’s very talented crew who believe in our project.

How do you come up with topics for each show?

We are looking for people who are doing things without fanfare that will inspire others.

Currently, all your filming locations have been in LA, California, any plans to do filming outside that city and state?

Sure, when we have the funds to do it.  Hopefully, we will get the backing we need to expand our audience.

Most people might recognize you from Betty White’s ‘Off Their Rockers’ do you feel it’s hard for people to take you seriously?

I’ve played serious parts on Scorpion, CSI, Madman, in films, etc. I love comedy, but I don’t think it defines me.

Why do you feel the audience should tune in to watch your show?

For the same reason, I’m doing the show —to lift their spirits.

What do you hope the audience will take away from each episode?

Despite all the bad news we see & hear on radio & TV, there are people who are going about their business every day making this a better place to live for someone else.

Any plans to do a live episode of ‘Ann Asks’?

Time will tell.

To submit or share your story you like to ‘Ann Asks’ opinion about, please feel free to respectively interact with her on the following FB page.

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