LeBron James Ejected for the First Time in His 15-Year Career

King James got ejected last night, for the first time in his career, in Cleveland.

LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers hosted the Miami Heat on Tuesday night. After a huge first half from Kevin Love who poured on a whopping 32 points in two-quarters of play helped the Cavs coast into the second half. But the second half witnessed a sighting that hasn’t ever been seen… LeBron James ejected from a basketball contest.

To put it in context, LeBron has competed in 1,081 games before he was tossed from his 1,082nd. During the third quarter, LeBron made a move to the cup and expected to get a foul call. However, much to James’ chagrin, the call wasn’t made and LeBron let the ref hear it. According to LeBron, “I got fouled all the way up the court, from the time that I stripped him, all the way until I got to the rim.” As James proceeded toward the ref he stated, “I said what I had to say and then I moved on, but he decided I should get [ejected]. It is what it is. We got the win, and that’s what’s most important.”

The referee Kane Fitzgerald said of the ejection, “It was a culmination of a couple different acts,” he continued, “Immediately after the no-call, he turned and threw an air punch directly at me, and then he aggressively charged at me, and then he used vulgarity in my ear a few times.”

Despite the ejection, the Cavs tallied their ninth straight victory after beating the Heat 108-97.

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