My Alluring Liaison with CEO Adrian Heinsman

‘My Kinky Things’ CEO Adrian Heinsman empowers sensuality with intellect in this Q&A.

Imagine having the Red-Light District right at your fingertips! Adrian Heinsman CEO of, answers the questions as to how her lucrative business offers seductive and passionate pleasures to her number one buyer. 

Who is that you may be wondering? Well, it is every person looking, knowing, and discovering their erotica! 

What is the story behind you creating 

I have always been a very sensual and passionate person and I have always wanted to start my own sexy lingerie line. A couple years ago I started looking into manufactures for lingerie but quickly realized that starting your own lingerie line and business brand requires way more capital then I can afford.  

However, during that process, I stumbled upon a company that would partner with me selling lingerie but also specialized in sex products. I wasn’t very familiar with the industry but once I started to l look into it and did some research I fell in love! Like really fell in love! I spent about a year doing research and getting myself familiar with everything sex toy related. Personally, I love massage wands and don’t know what I would have done without my cordless magic wand.  

Anyway, once I felt comfortable and was ready to launch which was about a year ago. It started slow and it’s been a crazy ride getting familiar with the business side of everything but were getting popular and gaining a lot of momentum and I’m so happy! I love the fact that we can contribute to people being happier in the bedroom. I still want to create a line of my own sexy lingerie and hope to launch a kinky lingerie line in the future! 

Why MyKinkyThings? Not MySexyThings or MySexThings 

Honestly, I just love the word kinky. It means unusual sexual behavior and I want women and everyone to try different things, explore their bodies, and do what makes them happy. The more people do unusual things the less unusual they become. So, the more we are kinky and explore our sexuality I think people will be happier. 

What does Kinky mean to you? 

Kinky to me means doing something sexy or sexual you don’t usually do but why not do it usually if it’s hot and makes you happy then it’s just sex or sexy and it shouldn’t be unusual behavior or taboo. So, the kinkier things you do the less you hold back and it just becomes normal and you can be happier! 

Why should consumers shop at your retail establishment? 

2 reasons… 1. We are always available and ready to engage with our customers for whatever reason. I personally run the Instagram account and am constantly answering customers questions, giving advice, or just talking with them casually. We want our customers to be as open to and critical of us as possible so we can do a better job meeting their needs.  

2. Because we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee! If your unhappy with your purchase for whatever reason you can return it within 30 days. Not every company in this industry will do that. So, I think that’s another good reason.  

No matter what, our customers will be happy. We try our best to help them make the right purchase and if it doesn’t work out they can return it.  

What makes your lingerie naughty?  

I don’t know if I really think lingerie is naughty. It’s just a fun phrase to use when marketing. Everyone likes to be a little naughty right? I actually feel the most beautiful and sexual in my lingerie. It’s like I’m dressing up for myself instead of society.  

What advice can you give 1st-time shoppers who never purchased adult products?  

Just go for it! Explore! Do some research and try something new. Maybe you’ll like it and maybe you won’t. But if you do, AWESOME! And if you don’t, return it! So just go for it! And as always we’re here to help you out with any advice, questions, or concerns you may have!  

How do you help your customers find what they want, looking for, and may not know they need? 

By being available. That’s it. Again, well answer questions, give advice, engage with our customers and help them find something to make them happy!  

What is 2018 itinerary?  

In 2018 we are just aiming to keep growing. Well definitely be attending sex expos. 100% the Brooklyn sex expo! Our goal is to start expanding outside of NYC. We have built a great foundation here but have to start trying to go national.  

So, this year instead of focusing our efforts only in NYC well be looking into exploring different cities and doing different events around the country. Nothing is set in stone yet but well keep everyone updated on Instagram where we’ll be going and where we’ll be having events & etc… 

Every Sunday on our Instagram @mykinkythings we have a sex toy Sunday free toy giveaway contest and give away a free toy or multiple toys. We have given away some great stuff so check out our Instagram and enter the contest!  

What experience do you want customers to take away from 

I just want my customers to feel comfortable, happy, and sexy.  I want them to be excited and filled with anticipation while shopping for pleasure.  

I want them to be happy knowing that if they spend money on something and they don’t love it, they can return it.  

I want them to feel comfortable asking us questions or for advice. I want them to have the best experience shopping for sex toys and lingerie possible. And if they have any questions or concerns to please voice them so we can make it a better experience for them. #BeKinky 

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