Artist Talk: Nick de la Hoyde ‘Love Takes Time’

The passionate reason why 'Love Takes Time' and how Nick de la Hoyde knows what he's singing about.

Billboard Music Magazine has declared Nick de la Hoyde ‘mesmerizing’ in his ‘Love Takes Time’ music video that will set you in a glee atmosphere and fill you with a range of emotions. Nick has quickly made a name for himself in the social media space cultivating a large and dedicated online following, becoming a powerful voice for youth empowerment and positivity.

Now in this exclusive interview Sydney, Australia based singer/songwriter/rapper Nick de la Hoyde explains how he knows, ‘Love Takes Time‘!

What is the downside to fame that you wish the audience would respect?

I think that the biggest downside to most people that are famous is breaching someone’s personal space when they show no respect towards the person and just get all in their face.

How can you tell when a person likes you for you and not your stardom?

I think the best way to tell if someone genuinely likes you is when they are speaking to you as a friend not talking about the music all the time and just being there. It’s pretty easy to spot a fake friend and the ones that come out of nowhere that you haven’t seen for years and all of a sudden want to be friends aren’t real.

How do you give back to the public?

I guess my way of giving back to the public would be playing shows. One day it will be a lot more. But for now, my way of giving back is working hard on my music to then share with them all.

Since boys voices change as they mature, did you experience any changes in your tone of range?

When I first started singing I was never a good singer. But I loved it so much I practiced and practiced until I was happy.

I never really experienced a certain change in my pitch or anything but definitely an increase in my range.

What is your favorite thing about Australia?

My favorite thing about Australia is that it is “Home” to me and always will be.

Love Takes Time‘ What is your ideal love? What are your plans for Valentine Day? What would be your ideal proposal? Wedding?

I am not a guy with huge expectations when it comes to being with someone. If they are fun, loving and we enjoy each other’s company then I am a happy man.

I have no plans at the moment for Valentine’s Day but we shall see what happens, haha.

And I haven’t thought too much about how I would propose but it would be nothing over the top and just something natural that comes from the heart.

Can anybody be a songwriter?

I think anyone with something to say can be a songwriter, everyone in the world has their story or a story to tell.

Would you ever do a collaboration with a “One Hit Wonder”?

Of course, I would! I’m sure that would benefit both parties, haha.

Out of all the places you traveled, what has been your favorite?

My all-time favorite place would definitely have to be Barcelona, Spain! I lived there for over 4 years and it was just amazing and another place I can call home.

Ten years from now, where do you hope to be?

In 10 years I hope to be spreading love through music. To be a household name in the music world. And to have grown as a person.

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