In Need of a Medical Alert System? Consider These 4 Tips To Make the Right Choice.

Studies show that nearly 87% of the bone fractures experienced by senior citizens are due to slip and…

Studies show that nearly 87% of the bone fractures experienced by senior citizens are due to slip and fall accident. One out of every 200 falls will result in a senior citizen breaking their hip. If you have an elderly loved one that you are worried about, investing in a medical alert system may be a great option. With these systems, you can rest assured that your aging mom or dad will be able to receive the medical help they need in the event of an accident at home. With all of the different medical alert systems on the market, choosing the right one will not be as easy as you think. Taking the time to do some in-depth research is a great way to figure out which system is the right fit for your needs. Read below to get some advice on how to choose the best medical alert system.

1. What Does the Medical Alert System Need To Do?

Before going out to look for a medical alert system, you need to take some time to make a list of features you need. Without this list, you will find it very difficult to narrow down the selection of systems at your disposal. Ideally, you will want a medical alert system that does things like:

  • Initiate Calls For Help- Choosing a system that features a wearable device with call for help buttons on is important. If a senior does fall while wearing this type of device, they will have no problem alerting the emergency services in their area.
  • A Fall Detection System- Using a device that has a fall detection sensor is also beneficial. These sensors will be able to tell when a senior has fallen and will sound an alarm to alert the proper authorities.
  • GPS Locator- If the senior you are buying the medical alert system for is still driving, having a GPS locator on their medical alert bracelet is a great idea. With this feature, you will have no problem locating your loved one and providing them with the help they need.

While finding the right medical alert system will require a great deal of time and effort, it is well worth the energy you put forth.

2. The Type of Equipment Provided

When trying to select a medical alert system, you need to find out more about the type of equipment your senior loved one will be provided There are a few things you need to find out about the equipment a medical alert company provides before choosing them like.

  • Is the Equipment Wearable? The main thing you need to find out about the medical alert equipment is whether or not it is wearable for the senior in question. Trying to get a senior to wear a bracelet that has jagged edges or uncomfortable materials will be difficult. Taking a senior in to try on a few different devices is essential and a great way to narrow the selection you have.
  • The Device Must Be Durable- Choosing a medical alert device that is durable is also important. You want to make sure the device in question is waterproof and built to last.
  • Assessing the Range of the Device- Finding out how broad the service range is on a medical alert bracelet should be a top priority. With this information, you can figure out how far away a senior can be from the base unit.
  1. What Will the System Cost?

For most people, the cost of a medical alert system is a concern. Before signing off on a particular medical alert system, you should find out how much you will be paying and what type of fees are involved. Once you have this type of knowledge, choosing the best system will be much easier.

Rushing through the medical alert system selection process is a recipe for disaster.

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