Naama and Anat ‘Trunk Show’ Q &A Review

Sunday, January 28th, 2018 Naama & Anat Bridal held a ‘Trunk Show’ at Blanc De Blanc Bridal in Pittsburgh, PA and even though I am not a bride to be, I still attended because I wanted to experience the hype behind what it’s like to find that perfect dress for the ‘Big Day’ and witness how some women can become Bridezillas! The designers weren’t at the event but their designs spoke for them.  

Your top selling collection is 1930 vintage, what is it about this era that inspired you? 

Around this time, women became women again. And what I mean by that is because of the war (World War I). Many of the clothes women were wearing were men clothing because of the war. They took men clothing and wardrobe, then changed it into women wardrobe. It wasn’t very flattering. And they forgot that they are women. And then after the war they became women again.  

We are very inspired by that era of history, how clothing sculpts the body to show waist and curves that they had.  

Back then, they weren’t tiny, but the world today thinks you have to be very, very skinny. And you don’t have to have curves or booty. We adore the women body. We think it is an amazing creation by GOD. And we are celebrating it by showing everything that you have but making you look statuesque,by tucking everything in together so you will still look and feel confident on your wedding date. 

Brides all the time, tell us, the dresses are like second skin. It’s not heavy, you can still dance and move.  

In Israeli weddings are not like how they are in the USA, they are like boot camp, they are dancing like crazy, they are picking you up, and this is why we are so good at our job because we know how to keep the dress intact all through the night.  

How do you going about picking models for your trunk show? 

We never take too skinny models because we want to show that our customers are real women. We usually take tall models because we want to show the full length of the lace as most brides wear heels when they are getting married. It’s very important that model should not be too snobby. She has to look like a real bride. We don’t want to intimidate our customers (future brides).  

Do proceeds from your designs go to charities in Israel? 

Yes, in Israel we have charities that give the brides that don’t have money free dresses. So, we call them every now and then so they get veils, skirts and wedding dresses that we don’t use anymore. And they are in very good shape. They are not old or dismay.  

And what we also do is sometimes help less fortunate children. For instance, we had a child who was having a bar mitzvah and he didn’t have parents. He was an orphan, who needed clothes, so we took him some and I will never forget his reaction because he would stutter, so when we took him the suit, shoes, hats and everything else. He started to speak with perfect speech to this day. It was exciting.  

God guides us to help others who don’t have the family we have. 

My kids grew up in my business, until the age of 2, no kindergarten or nanny, they grew up with me inside the factory. I breastfeed them until the age of 5, they sleep with us (me and my husband), we are a big family. We are a tribe, so it’s important to me to give to the other kids that don’t have it, from their mom or dad.  

Here in Israel family is very crucial. Israel is very small, 7 hours to one side from the other, in worst case scenario your mom will live 4 hours away from you. 

Any plans to create bridal lingerie?  

It sounds like a great idea. 

What other designs gowns, dresses or other fashion items to you create?  

What we do now is we started a communion gown line. It’s nice because it looks like our dresses, but for kids, we also have custom veils. We have all the accessories like special umbrellas, with glittering & lace, hair combs and headbands, we use the same lace from the dress to create the headband, trains and skirts. 

To have Naama & Anat make a one of a kind wedding dress design for you, make sure you keep up with them on their social media sites! 

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