An Interactive Day of Free Workshops & Training for Mothers & Sons in Baltimore

As the single mother of a teenage Black boy in Baltimore, you can imagine the struggles and hardships I’ve come up against in trying to raise my son and guide him into manhood. At times, it has been trying, at other times, it’s felt hopeless. I find that many other mothers feel the same way.

I found myself reaching out to community resources, seeking help, guidance, a male role model for my son. Thankfully, I found it many times over. I was able to find various mentoring groups and community-based programs that would help my son but had a hard time finding programs that would be able to help us both.

My son isn’t a problem child, he has had no run-ins with the law; however, he has had a rough time both in school and in growing up with only a mother. The way we communicate is off balance, I probably don’t understand the problems he is facing as a young man. We’re both left disadvantaged.

That’s why when I was heard about the upcoming Mother & Son Summit on February 17th I got excited. I found myself excited on different levels, personal and professional. While I immediately knew I wanted to cover this motivating, positive events for mothers and sons in a predominately Black community, but I am a mother who wants help in connecting with her own son.

mother and son summit

I reached out to one of the sponsors, eager to participate and cover the event; I wanted to help spread awareness. Just seeing this type resource gives a mother hope.

Mothers and sons from across the Baltimore Metro area will come together for a day that will change their lives forever. A day that you will never forget! The day will include

*18 workshops
*20+ vendors
*breakfast & lunch
*giveaway bags
…and a few extra SURPRISES!


The hosts for this amazing event are


This event was organized by Compass Consulting, Training & Solutions owner Rachel Barrett-Dolcine

Rachel Barrett-Dolcine


Some of the workshops for the boys will include


Leverage to Win (ages 13-21)

This hands on workshop includes a candid conversation about the key relationships (Mothers, Faith & Friends) boys encounter throughout their lives and ways to use the relationships to excel in life; learn to build a master plan; and asked to Dream, Believe, Act and Achieve success.


Dollars & Cents Understanding Money & How to Use It (ages 10-17)

What is money? What is money worth? What is money used for? Participants will learn money basics including saving, bank accounts and how many works.


I’m About My Business (all ages)

Did you know that every day kids start businesses around the world? Do you have a great idea, talent, skill or hobby that you would like to turn into a business? Working for yourself can be fun, but it is also a lot of work. Participants will learn the basics of starting their own business.

Some of the workshops for the moms will include


Creating Healthy Relationships Inside & Out

Healthy relationships are important for successfully raising healthy sons. Participants will learn how to maintain healthy relationships with themselves, food, their sons, other people’ as well as; to manage their own emotions so they can model self-control for their sons; and strategies for improving and strengthening current relationships.


Communicating with Your Son

The mother and son bond is a special one. Sons learn a lot from interactions with their mothers; so it is important for mothers to communicate with their sons in an honest and open way. Participants will learn ways to speak with their sons using honesty, trust and respect. Participants will commit to identifying ways they can improve communication with their sons in the days to come.


Saving Our Sons: The Impact of Violence & Trauma on Young Males

Trauma and violence disproportionately impacts the lives of boys and young men of color. Consequently, there are often psychological wounds left by violence which leaves boys and their families deeply scarred and experiencing unrelenting stress that can carry over into the adult lives of boys. This workshop will engage mothers in conversations to discuss the impact of violence on boys and young men, strategies for prevention and ways mothers can support their sons impacted by violence.


There will also be joint sessions for the moms and sons to work together through interactive exercises.


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