Baltimore Community Leaders Seek to Bridge Gap Between Mother & Sons

Last week, I told you about the upcoming Mother & Son’s Summit to be held in Baltimore tomorrow, February 17, 2018. Mothers and sons across Baltimore will come together to learn, grow and understand each other a little better.

mother and son summit


Tomorrow’s the big day and mother and sons all over Baltimore are preparing to learn and grow together. I had the pleasure of talking to a few of the hosts and moderators of this relationship changing event for mothers and sons.

Rashad Holloway is a self-employed Accountant, Owner of Holloway Tax Services & Company, LLC in Baltimore, MD

When asked why he was drawn to participate in event he told me, “I’m drawn to the event by love to serve others. I’m committed to assisting young men succeed in life. I think the event is a great idea. My educational background is in Accounting, so I enjoy discussing saving and wisely spending money.”

Rashad was lucky enough to grow up having an awesome relationship with his mom, saying “my mom never missed a spelling bee, football game, and drove me to most places in my early years.

Rashad also serves the community as a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated. In Baltimore, they have multiple programs and projects to assist young men and students such as SAT Prep, College Tours, and Career Discussions. He leads an After-School Program at a local Baltimore City Elementary School that teaches young men the importance of knowing themselves, respecting others, and their importance of education.

Find out more about his organization at


I also talked to Rev. Dr. Robyn Frye, who is the Co-Director of Men of Standard Ministry In Taneytown, MD

Dr. Frye to me that she was “drawn to participate in this event because I have been an adoption mother of sons for some years now. The fact is; the sons I have adopted are grown men who have been addicted to drugs and alcohol and are seeking help and freedom. I affectionately refer to them as my sons, because my husband and I take these men into our home and allow them to have a safe environment to become vulnerable enough to grow up and heal emotionally. I understand the struggles that mothers may encounter in raising a son in this day and age because I hear of the many pitfalls and challenges that young men and boys face in our society from the boys in our ministry. I see this summit and others to come as a prevention tool for communities and parents, so that their sons don’t end up having to come to a ministry like the one we offer.

She hopes that mothers and sons walk away from this event “with a new confidence that there is hope for their futures and the “sky’s the limit”. I hope the sons see that they are not alone in their thinking, behaviors and challenges. I hope the mothers walk away with peace and comfort in know that they’re concerns, fears and dreams for their sons are all a part of their strong parenting.”

You can also find Robyn and her husband serving the community through their non-profit ministry called Men of Standard Ministry. They offer men 18 and older the opportunity to change their lives and teach them biblical principles to live by. They also offer information sessions in the community and private family interventions. We offer marriage counseling also to the couples that become a part of our ministry, during the husband’s stay with us. I personally do motivational speaking and life coaching as well. Find out more about Men of Standard Ministry at


Speaker, Eboni Gee, RN is a Wellness Strategist for kidney health and dialysis wellness who runs Living with A Purpose in Baltimore, MD. When asked about her relationship with her mother she told me, “my relationship with my mom was alright. We had different views on living life versus just surviving life so that was a barrier for us. As an adult, my upbringing showed me the life I didn’t want, it was up to me to define what it was that I truly desired.”

She hopes that attendees gain “useful and valuable tips and strategies that help them become more aware of how to live a healthier life.”

You can find Eboni serving the community teaching dialysis wellness and kidney health. She works with individuals and businesses to increase the culture of wellness. Find out more about Eboni at

This event is sponsored by Compass


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