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The Genius is Common Movement Hits Baltimore. What’s YOUR Genius?


In today’s society, where individualism is rarely celebrated and we’re encouraged to be clones of our favorite celebrities, it’s exciting to come across a movement that encourages people to be themselves and embrace their innate abilities. Enter the Genius is Common Movement.


I noticed the Genius is Common movement first, on Facebook. I kept seeing the videos being shared of every day people showcasing their every day genius and was intrigued. After joining it’s Facebook group, I didn’t give it much thought for some time.

The Genius is Common Movement was recently brought to My attention again, when it partnered with Baltimore based company, Stronger Than My Struggles. This inspiring movement was created by a man who touched the lives of many of us growing up, Bruce George.

You may not recognize him by name, but Bruce was the creator of HBO’s Def Poetry Jam, bringing the idea to Def Jam. These days, George travels the country, speaking to community groups and non-profit organizations about the Genius is Common Movement and the every day genius we all possess. The Genius is Common Movement has been embraced by celebrities and global communities alike.


Stronger Than My Struggles is a mission based business in Baltimore, MD that works with survivors, outcasts and those who identify as “different” due to mental or emotional illness, to help them heal and move forward in life. This partnership can mean great things for not just Baltimore but communities across the globe. Keep your eyes on the Genius is Common Movement and Stronger Than My Struggles as they work to highlight the every day genius of Baltimoreans.


What’s YOUR Genius?

Interested in  bringing Bruce George and the Genius is Common Movement to your organization? Contact Nicole 443-961-4636 or email Me directly at Melony@strongerthanmystruggles.com


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