Tips on Modern Living: Design and Lifestyle

Modern living is a combination of lifestyle, design, and mindset.

Modern living is a combination of lifestyle, design, and mindset. It incorporates everything from eco-friendly appliances to self-wellness and functional comforts. Whether you already live in a fully modernized building like the Glendale CA apartments for rent or are new to the concept, here some helpful tips to bring this lifestyle full circle.

The Right Technology

While the latest smartphones 4k UHD TVs might be the first things that come to mind after hearing the words “modern technology,” living the lifestyle requires a whole lot more than just owning the newest gadgets. Instead, those looking to live the modern lifestyle should focus on the right gadgets.

What does that mean? It means choosing a smart thermostat for your home to help reduce your carbon footprint, choosing cool roofing to eliminate urban heat island, and making use of the Uber app to cut down on pollution whenever possible. The right technology is one that benefits both you and the world around you.

Quality Spaces

The quantity of your home does not equate to quality in modern times. These days, smaller spaces can be filled with features and amenities that create a more meaningful, useful room.

Modern designs incorporate recycled materials alongside more practical, space saving furniture. They utilize neutral color schemes to play on their abundance of natural lighting, while at the same time giving a splash of green in the form of live houseplants that improve air quality.

Simplistic layouts allow for individual creativity to shine while creating more social spaces. Though simple by nature, these designs pop with artistic stylings and the ability to express your individuality.

Community and Location

The modern mindset is one that understands no one can get ahead in isolation. Instead, the modern individual embraces their community and the vibrant tapestry it creates. Take the U apartments near UC Davis campus, for example.

These homes share common spaces that help neighbors bond with one another as they share in their similar interests. At the same time, this location places residents within biking distance from downtown and campus. It’s the best of both home and play in a modern community, one where valuable space is saved by coming together in one place.


Perhaps the most important aspect of modern living is you. Health and well-being are equally as important as the environmentally conscious. While biking to and from downtown cuts back on carbon emissions, it also helps to make a healthier you.

Choosing to purchase organic goods from a store like Whole Foods isn’t about the latest dieting trend, it’s about carefully selecting what enters your body. Having plants in your home is more than just part of a design scheme, it cleans harmful chemicals out of the air so you can breathe easier.

Staying physically active and making healthy choices are integral components to modern living, ones that many new apartment complexes focus heavily on. After all, you are a part of the environment, too.

Living in the Modern Age

Modern living is often confused with a generational movement, an incessant need for the latest iPhone, or some sort of “hipster” agenda. The truth is that living a modern lifestyle is simply the result of a more informed world. Choosing to live this way is beneficial for the environment, local communities, and your own well-being.

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