Man Applauds Jury For Giving Him Death Penalty For Killing Two Cops

Luis Bracamontes got the sentence Tuesday that he has claimed he wanted all along: the death penalty.

Cop killer Luis Bracamontes laughed excitedly in court as he was given the death penalty on Tuesday. During the entire trial, which took months, Bracamontes kept an elated demeanor and requested the death penalty several times himself.

Bracamontes was convicted of the 2014 murders of Sacramento County Sheriff’s Deputy Danny Oliver and Placer Sheriff’s Detective Michael Davis Jr. He was also found guilty of carjacking, attempted murder, and weapons violations. He laughed as prosecutors described his actions of murdering police. Bracamontes cheered and applauded the jury when they handed down his sentencing.

Bracamontes and Janelle Marquez Monroy, his wife, led police on a 6-hour chase that culminated in the killings. Monroy was sentenced to 50 years in prison for helping her husband evade the police.

President Trump used the Bracamontes case to attack liberals, claiming that police killers were not a concern for their party. Bracamontes was also an illegal Mexican immigrant, and his case was used to highlight the dangers of immigration and the need for Trump’s proposed wall.

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