Summer vs. Winter Traveling: A Guide for Couples

The mild fall and spring seasons definitely have a lot to offer, however many people prefer the two…

The mild fall and spring seasons definitely have a lot to offer, however many people prefer the two extremes: hot and sunny or cold and snowy. The fact that winter is gradually surrendering its positions, giving the credit to summer has sparked a seemingly friendly dispute: Is summer or winter the most suitable season for travelers? As some of us have experienced the best and worst of each season while traveling, here are some points to tell which part of the year is just perfect to go exploring the world.


Winter traveling: No matter how cold it may get, you can always throw on some more layers of clothes. You might pile on blankets, start a cozy fire – the options for creating extra warmth are basically endless. And when it’s hot, you can only take off as much as the surroundings allow you and still be sweating. Plus, nobody is a fan of sweating. Giving this fact, it is much harder to get sweaty in the winter and so easier to stay comfortable in this season.

Summer traveling: In many places around the world, there always comes a point when the heat is simply unbearable and the wintertime cold is unrelenting. The vast majority of tourists are just more comfortable in a tee and shorts than a coat and, as such outfit enables you to stay active, it is overall a lot easier to function. Winter gear is meant mostly as a defensive mechanism, so you are not supposed to move much while in it. In addition, the body muscles are always tighter in cold weather while the summer warmth actually adds to your body’s flexibility.


Winter traveling: Newly fallen snow has covered the trees around, some lanes are still free of tracks and the icicles cling to gutters and mailboxes. The view is absolutely gorgeous when there is no green grass to be seen with everything covered in a comfortable white blanket. What can be better than a snowy day: the happy moments spent building snowmen and snow castles, snowball fights with friends, sledding, and skating on a frozen pond? In any case, do not forget about the winter traveling safety tips.  

Summer traveling: Life is much more vivid in color and the sun is the world’s most solid illuminator. There’s so much to see in nature and even beyond, so why would anyone want it covered up in snow and hidden from the eye? The flowers are in full bloom, rivers and lakes sparkle from the blue sky and the daylights last much longer. Plus it’s scientifically proven that sunlight is always good for your health. Check out those tips from


Winter traveling: This season is ideal for hot chocolate with marshmallows, grog and probably a fancy shot of Baileys for that additional inner comfort.

Summer traveling: What can be even more satisfying: berry tea in front of the fireplace after an entire day spent in the snow or maybe a glass of icy lemonade or coke after running around in some mind-blowingly high temperatures? Some might be choosing lemonade. And also, barbecue!


Winter traveling: While there is a number of summer mountain activities like hiking, mountain biking, 4WD tours, most of those may be completed just as easily in the winter. In any case, these can’t be compared to snowboarding, skiing, tubing, ice-skating, snowshoeing and, the most pleasant one – the hot springs, which are best felt when it’s freezing cold outside.

Summer traveling: Roads are totally safe to drive on and your vehicle is not hazardous to pedestrians, so you aren’t limited by some conditions, what leaves you plenty of entertainment ideas. You might wish to spend a weekend on the beach, take a nice hike through the hills, bike/jog through the local park, etc. A great deal of winter attractions is contingent on the temperature outside and you often have to check out the conditions. And if you decide to travel in the summer, you won’t have those restrictions.

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