Come Listen To Ashley Fabian Sing Songs Of Amour in ‘Elixir Of Love’

Not since Frank Sinatra has someone made me enthusiastic about listening to love songs.

Lauded by Opera Today for her “sweet” & “natural” sounds, Soprano Ashley Fabian is quickly garnering recognition for her artistry. The upcoming role includes a performance of Adina in Pittsburgh Opera’s student matinee of L’elisir d’amore (Elixir Of Love).

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You will be performing as the lead character Adina in the student matinee performance ‘Elixir of Love’ and are the backup performer for Ekaterina Siurina, what goes into being a cover? Why can’t both actresses just take turns performing?

Being a Resident Artist allows me the opportunity to cover (understudy) several
successful and established performers. There are many upsides to covering these lead roles,
including the chance to learn from some of the best singers in our industry. Having the ability to observe them in rehearsals and performances is invaluable. In order to “cover” Adina, I have to be ready to go at a moment’s notice. This means I must be completely memorized with the music and staging just in case something were to happen. And, for this production, I will actually perform the role in the student matinee, which is incredibly exciting!

What do you look for when you audition for roles? How do you prepare for them?

When I audition for a role, I first have to make sure that the role fits my voice well. This
includes checking to make sure the range and tessitura are comfortable, and that the
orchestration is matched well to my instrument. Preparing for a role is a huge beast. It can sometimes take months to really feel comfortable and polished. I first translate the text of the entire opera (if not in English), and then begin picking out notes and rhythms. Then, I strive for vocal beauty in addition to accuracy of the music.

Are you of Italian descent? Is Italian your first language?

I’m a little behind the trend of “”, but I suspect that I am of Italian descent.
English is my first language, so I’ve had to take many languages and diction classes for
languages such as Italian, German, and French.

What is the biggest accomplishment you want to achieve out of your career and why is it
important for you?

The most important aspect of my career right now is the beautiful music that I get to sing.
I feel so grateful to be able to sing these masterful works. As long as I can continue to make this music, I will feel successful in my career.

Any plans to release a personal album?

I would love to release an album in the future! Right now, I have clips from recent
performances (the Una voce and Contro un cor are from my recent Barber of Seville in South
Carolina) and studio recordings on my website. But who wouldn’t want to record an album of
gorgeous bel canto arias with a full orchestra?!

Since the Opera is live, what is a good technique you apply to help you stay in character?

Staying in character can be difficult when you’re onstage for long stretches of time. I
have to know exactly what each character is saying so that I can act and react accordingly. It
helps to be very rehearsed, so I don’t have to think about what’s going on technically with my
voice every minute of the opera. If my technique can become second nature to me, then I am
able to focus on the story and drama I am portraying.

Even though you perform in many different languages, how does performing at the Pittsburgh Opera vary from any other city or country?

I absolutely love singing at the Pittsburgh Opera. The musicians here are top notch, and
the quality of the administration is amazing. Singing in the Benedum Theater is really fun
because the acoustics are fantastic for such a large stage. It’s really an honor to make music here.

Ashley Fabian joined the Resident Artists of Pittsburgh Opera in the 2017-2018 season. To keep up with her accomplishments follow her social media pages:

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