Research: Too Much Exercise Delays Pregnancy in Normal-Weight Women

Every woman struggling to get pregnant will consider exercise as an option to improve her chances. Shockingly, research…

Every woman struggling to get pregnant will consider exercise as an option to improve her chances. Shockingly, research has revealed that normal-weight women could complicate things if they go beyond a certain limit. Some women even take it a step further by using legit steroids like hcg 4500 ui pregnyl to boost their workout capabilities. According to the same research, overweight women can go beyond the limit for women of typical weight since it is a plus for overweight women to cut down on weight. On the other hand, the normal-weight women should be extremely cautious.

The Risk Factor

Vigorous exercises like cycling and running for many hours, weightlifting and many other intense exercises have been shown to increase the delay in getting pregnant for a healthy woman. The research, which was conducted by the Boston University School of Public Health, concluded that all women will have a better chance of getting pregnant if they engage in moderate exercise. However, women with normal weight decrease their chances of conceiving by engaging in very strenuous exercise.

Therefore, light-weight women seeking to increase the chances of having a baby should only focus on moderate exercises like gardening and brisk walking or jogging for a short time. According to senior research at Boston University, heavy weightlifters and marathon runners who want to get pregnant should seek moderate alternatives and take it slow for some time.

After you get pregnant you need to get good amount of sleep for healthy growth of your baby so its advised besides doing light exercises like yoga etc you sleep for adequate number of hours each day as per the body requirement and if you are having problems sleeping then you can make use of one of the best pregnancy pillows as it will help you adjust your growing womb to sleep easily without any pain in your back and other body parts while sleeping.

How It Happens

According to other reliable reports, extreme exercise is likely to alter the menstrual cycle of a woman through hormonal changes. In extreme cases, the woman will not ovulate and can miss menstrual periods for a long time. In fact, almost all studies agree that the alteration of hormone levels caused by extreme exercise is very common in almost any woman who engages in overly intense exercise. The same reports further reveal shocking news that the workouts can negatively affect the implantation of the fertilized egg.

One study was interested to see if this is indeed the case and decided to study over one thousand women who were seeking to get pregnant within stable relationships. Some of the data they collected included the duration these women exercised every week. They also focused on their BMI (body mass index). The results they received were a confirmation of what we have discussed above. Moderate exercise favored conceiving in women with any BMI. The research also failed to find a link between overweight women and any negative impact of extreme exercise on the chances of getting pregnant.


Women who are overweight have a lower chance of getting pregnant. This is mainly because their menstrual cycle is not regular like in typical-weight women. When they engage in vigorous exercise, they are already on a journey to make things better. These women do not need to be as concerned about exercising too much. Unlike the women in the normal weight range, the overweight women’s hormones move towards a balanced state as a result of exercise, and all they need is to keep fit through normal exercises like cardio exercises and walking. This further stabilizes their hormones and increases the chances of getting pregnant quickly.

In conclusion, all women who are struggling to get pregnant should know where they fall in regard to weight. They can consult a health expert to understand their bodies in more detail. Taking the appropriate physical fitness measures is a good thing overall.

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