Sean Hannity Used HUD to Boost His Real Estate Portfolio


It looks like conservative pundit Sean Hannity has a little secret about how he’s benefitted from a federal agency that President Trump gutted to the misfortune of the economically disadvantaged Americans it was established to serve.

On Sunday, April 22, The Guardian released the findings of an investigation it launched into the 56-year-old commentator’s portfolio of investments. As it turns out, the Fox News host made a good portion of the $200 million he’s estimated to be worth, off of real estate deals; some of which the Department of Housing and Urban Development helped him obtain.


Hannity apparently put himself on the spot last week, when he disclosed that the consultation he received from disgraced Trump lawyer, Michael Cohen, focused exclusively on property ownership. The statement prompted The Guardian to comb through thousands of documents and w,hat the publication discovered is that Hannity has used a web of shell companies to acquire nearly 900 homes valued at $90 million.

Many of the homes that Hannity purchased, according to the report, are located in low-income areas that have suffered gravely from rampant foreclosures. He incorporated the help of HUD to insure loans that he received thanks to a National Housing Act program. Hannity was reportedly able to land mortgages totaling $17.9 million with the help of the HUD program.

Hannity has never disclosed how exploiting the agency has helped him along, despite hosting appearances on his show by HUD director, Ben Carson. And he never brought it up while covering news on the agency after the President slashed 18.3 percent of its budget and eliminated popular community development block grant programs last year.

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