Casting Couch Nightmare Ends: Mira Sorvino Faces Harvey Weinstein

More details leak as Harvey Weinstein faces rape charges from Hollywood.

The #Metoo Movement has recently reported 17,700,000 Women have been sexually assaulted since 1998. Women in Hollywood have been screaming out “RAPE” since 1990 and sometimes never heard. Hollywood has been a place of love and sparsity but still causes damage when the business because of the pleasure. Spice girls to Pussy Kat dolls, celebrities even chimed in on allegations of being hit on, sexually hinted on and sexually assaulted “allegedly”.  Weather its Hollywood or your workspace, sexual assault can take place.

For Harvey Weinstein’s, his allegations came in right after the #metoo movement. The former film producer says that he isn’t part of the casting couch.

NBC News reported Harvey Weinstein’s rape victim was in a relationship with him. Ben Brafman who stands as his defense lawyer, placed a complaint that if this case continues publicly, it may taint the legal process.

Unfortunately, one of the Rape victims not publicly named and was raped in her hotel room in 2013 allegedly. “Absurd”! was the word used by Mr. Brafman when speaking to the court. He seems as if this case was not a good enough case to make it to a trial.  Harvey Weinstein’s is charged with a criminal sexual act against another woman named Lucia Evans and a lady named Mira Sorvino.

Mira Sorvino told Page-Six “he has raped so many women that I love.” Sorvino wishes Mr. Weinstein a free ride to jail. Reports also stated that Harvey Weinstein forced Lucia to perform oral sex after luring her to a meeting at his Tribeca hotel room. Oral sex was just one of the sexual positions spoken on in this case. A long line of women is still scheduled to reveal their stories of sexual assault with Harvey. Hollywood actresses are coming out the closet as victims every other day on social media regarding sexual abuse from Hollywood and some from Harvey Weinstein’s himself.

Molestation, sexual misuse, and unfair treatment was just the begging of what the rape victims alleged about Weinstein’s private life. Should he be in jail NOW or should the public wait for the final results of the legal system?

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