Pizza Delivery Man Faces Deportation After Delivering Pizza to Military Base

Pablo Villavicencio was just doing his job, delivering pizzas. Now he’s facing deportation.

US Immigration and Customs Enforcement arrested an undocumented man after he made a pizza delivery to a military base in New York and he faces deportation.

Pablo Villavicencio was arrested on Friday, June 1, following a pizza delivery to Fort Hamilton in Brooklyn, New York, The Hill reports.

According to EL Diario, Sandra Chica, Villavicencio’s wife, said her husband was stopped by a guard who asked him to present documents to verify his legal status and when he failed to produce the items the guard called ICE.

“As usual, he went to the military base to deliver a pizza order. But this time, the guard—whom he identified as African American—asked him for a valid identification document, and since he didn’t have one, the soldier called immigration to arrest him,” Chica said.

Chica said she met her husband five years ago and the pair has two daughters. According to his wife, Villavicencio began the process to gain residency back in February.

“There aren’t any words that can define the drama that my daughters and I are living,” Chica said. “From one moment to the next, life changed for us and all I ask for now is for them to not deport my husband, to give him an opportunity.”

However, it seems local politicians are ready to fight for Villavicencio. “What happened here? Is this part of some new Donald Trump deportation strategy?” said New York City Councilor Justin Brannan on Wednesday during a press conference. “This is what we need to know. Why was Pablo singled out? Why was this time any different than all the other times Pablo came to deliver food to the base?”

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