Come Celebrate National Hot Dog Day with Duquesne Library

Come see how the Duquesne City Library has more to offer than books!

Carnegie Library of Mckeesport branches include White Oak and Duquesne, and on Wednesday, July 18th at 1:30 pm, the Duquesne branch will be giving out free hot dogs to their patrons.

So, make sure you bring your library card to get a meal which may include a bag of chips and beverage while enjoying their other amenities which include books, magazine, wi-fi, board games, and movies.

While there is no food and drinks allowed in the library, it’s going to be a nice enough day to enjoy stuffing your face and engaging with new friends, because everybody universally knows that you MUST be quiet in the library.

But don’t “shhhhh” about this news!

Don’t have a library card? Just bring in your current ID.   All information must be valid, but if not, just bring in your most current piece of mail verifying your current address.

Duquesne Library has a very dedicated security team that works super hard to keep the staff and visitors safe, so make sure you greet them with a friendly smile and hello because all who enter the library are REQUIRED to sign in and out.

The Duquesne Library is located at 300 Kennedy Avenue, (inside Duquesne City School) Duquesne, PA 15110.

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