Here’s Why Going to University in Hatfield is a Great Choice

Hatfield has lots of amenities and if you are looking for a home from home vibe, it’s a great choice.

Hatfield in Hertfordshire is not a town that immediately springs to mind when looking for university places. It doesn’t have the glamour of London or the history of Edinburgh or York, but don’t let that put you off. Hatfield has lots of amenities and if you are looking for a home from home vibe, it’s a great choice.

Hatfield University was the first post-War technical college in the UK. It later became a college of technology, and subsequently a polytechnic. It finally became a university in 1992. There are two main sites: one in Hatfield and the other in Bayfordbury. The De Havilland campus is based in Hatfield. This cost £120 million to build back in 2003 and it offers state-of-the-art facilities for students, including a sports complex and auditorium.

The university has grown considerably over the years, as evidenced by the huge investment in a new campus. It has lots of facilities. Science students will be thrilled to learn there are chemistry labs and media students can take advantage of a research and development center. The sports center cost £15 million to build and boasts Olympic-class facilities. The College Lane learning resource center is world-class. It is open 24/7, so you can use the computers at any time of the day and night. Research facilities are also excellent. All in all, Hatfield has plenty to offer students and the facilities are modern and well resourced.

Is Hatfield University Highly Rated?

Hatfield University was rated 79 in the UK in 2017. In terms of ratings, Hatfield is middle of the road, but that makes it attractive for students who don’t want to compete for places at more prestigious universities such as Edinburgh or Leeds. Don’t assume the university is easy to get into though, although it does encourage applications from students without formal qualifications or a traditional educational background.  

Life on Campus

Like most universities, students can stay in halls of residence in their first year. The halls are modern and well-built, and the security is excellent. The College Lane campus halls have a good social life and plenty of leisure facilities. Second or subsequent year students often choose to live off campus so that they can have a taste of independent life and share accommodation with friends. It’s also cheaper in many cases.

If you decide to live off-campus, you can rent a room in a shared house or stay in the student-friendly private accommodation. There are lots of options for student accommodation Hatfield, including Collegiate‘s luxury student accommodation.

Life in Hatfield

Like many university towns, Hatfield has a bustling nightlife and plenty of great shops, bars, and nightclubs. It’s also only 20 miles from London, so you can catch a train and be in central London very quickly. This gives you access to all the museums, attractions, and exceptional nightlife London has to offer.

You are also surrounded by lovely countryside, so if you need some fresh air, take a bus out of town and go for a scenic walk.

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