Season finale of Pose leaves viewers excited for new season

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The Pose finale was full of happy tear jerking moments, which is why fans can’t wait for the next flurry of adventures. Created by Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk and Steven Canals, Pose is set in the 1980s, and explores the proximity of many segments of life and society among a group of individuals in New York City. These segments include the ball culture world, the rise of the Trump-era universe and the downtown social scene. Premiering on June 3, 2018, on FX, Pose features the largest cast of transgender and LGBTQ actors in series regular roles for a scripted series. A first in television history. The stellar cast includes Mj Rodriguez who stars as the strong willed Blanca, an HIV-positive trans woman who leaves the House of Abundance and her former house mother Elektra brilliantly portrayed by Dominique Jackson, to form her own “house”.

The houses depicted in the series are self-selected families that provide support to LGBTQ youth rejected by their birth families. Ryan Jamaal Swain plays the charismatic Damon, a talented homeless dancer who becomes the first member whom Blanca recruits into her House of Evangelista, Indya Moore charmingly portrays Angel, a trans woman and streetwalker, who joins Blanca’s house and develops feelings for her client, Stan. Together, they all compete in the Balls where house members challenge eachother in various categories and are judged on their flamboyant outfits, attitude, and dance skills. Other standout performances include Tony Award winner Billy Porter who amazingly portrays the balls’ emcee and wise friend to the group, Pray Tell, Dyllón Burnside as Ricky, Damon’s boyfriend, Angel Bismark Curiel as the streetwise Martinez aka ‘Lil Papi’, Evan Peters as Stan Bowles, an employee at Trump Towers who eventually has an affair with Angel Evangelista, Kate Mara as Patty Bowles, Stan’s submissive wife and James Van Der Beek who slays as Stan’s condescending kingpin boss Matt Bromley.


Executive produced by Ryan Murphy, Sherry Marsh, Nina Jacobson, and Brad Simpson, Pose is co-written, directed, and produced by Janet Mock and has been renewed for a second season, which is set to premiere in 2019. 

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