Lola de Hanna is Filling The Gap For ’90s Pop Indie Queens

Lola de Hanna
Lola de Hanna will chill your vibe. (Image: Courtesy of Lola de Hanna)

If you love t.A.T.u or Natasha Imbruglia, Lola de Hanna might be the artist you’ve been looking for.

With a smooth sultry voice over breathy adlibs, de Hanna gives up the pop indie vibe from the aforementioned ’90s artists. Although her track, “A Place of Fire,” isn’t the best, her single, “Welcome,” is more-than welcome. Pun intended. The video, which takes place in a pole dance studio, gives Flashdance vibes as de Hanna sings with pole dancers in the background.


“My second EP is a concept album — a musical journey with themes of internal conicts (sic), desires, frustrations, and love. This release is the heavier, dreamier and introverted sibling of the 2015 EP,” she said of her latest project.

Stream her single “Welcome” on Spotify here and check it out on iTunes here. The video for the track can be found above.

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