My ‘Kennywood’ Park Amusing Experience

Family-friendly fun is always at Pittsburgh’s best amusement park, Kennywood!

Christina Jeter

Kennywood is Pittsburgh’s best amusement park and I was surprisingly excited to visit the attraction when I had a chance. Once inside I was greeted by eager visitors and friendly employees that complimented my hair, but then jokingly got scolded while going through security bag check about bringing a selfie stick to the park, they gave me a ticket to claim it on my way out.

Once fully in, I was so overwhelmed about what to do first, the lines for rides were ridiculously long, the aroma from the food made my mouth water, and the prizes for games makes me wish I could purchase them instead of trying to win. I stood in line for the ‘Thunderbolt’ for 45 mins and the ride lasted for a couple of mins, but that was just a warm-up because by now I was going through withdrawal for more adrenaline rush. Since I came to the park after 5:30 pm and Kennywood closed at 10 pm, I only have a limited time to wait in lines for a ride, so I had to choose wisely.

As I walked through the amusement park, I scanned to see which rides had the shortest lines and the quickest movement. No shame in my game, I did the walk-through for ‘Noah’s Ark’, then paid about 8 bucks for a batch of fries, even though I wanted a funnel cake, but only one booth had the best cake (from word of mouth) but it was on the other side of the park and then it was onto the next ride, ‘Black Widow’!

The Black Widow stands at 90 feet tall and reaches a height of 146 feet in full swing with an angle of 120 degrees from the center. The pendulum motion propels riders back and forth at 68 miles per hour. Just like the real black widow does when capturing and attacking its prey. You know what the homonyms are for prey? Pray!? Because that is exactly what I was doing when I was on the ride. Screaming helped me for crying, I pinched one eye open when I was fully up in the air and was so thankful when the ride was over.

Then I got on another kiddie ride, ‘Garfield’s Nightmare’ because I thought I was in line for ‘Ghostwood Estate’ I will have to wait until Phantom Fright Nights to experience that one!

Last but not least the final ride for the day with 30 mins left until the park closed was ‘Jackrabbit’.

All-in-All I can’t wait to go back to Kennywood, but I must say I probably won’t be riding any more roller coasters.

So now when someone asks me what’s the best thing I love about Pittsburgh, I’m going to say I love Kennywood!