My Open Love Letter to Panera Bread

I swear to you I am seriously thinking about naming my first born ‘Carbohydrates’.

I heard about you many times through conversations and even passed by you on occasion, but it was my first time personally visiting you that let me know, this connection was going to be something special.

It all started because of my employment, you have a restaurant within our location and I usually wait till I get home to eat because of my braces, but the smell from your kitchen was so intoxicating that I couldn’t take it anymore. I was so subconscious to order from you that I pulled up your menu online before I even got in line to place my order and even wrote what I was getting down on a piece of paper so I wouldn’t forget.

Once inside your establishment, I was overcome by the atmosphere.  It has the casualty of a coffee shop mixed with the décor of a restaurant.  It was like walking into a museum of food as I observed the bakery section filled with pastries.  I got in line to place my order, the cashier asked me if I had a Panera Rewards card and if not, my first reward for signing up would be a free pastry, so I signed up and also got a ninety-nine cent one with my Bacon Turkey Bravo Sandwich, chips, chives sour cream dip on the side, double stuff fudge brownie, and Coke.


My order was placed in this beautiful brown handle bag with my name written on a circle sticker, I felt like I was just given a surprise present and even though I already knew what it, I was still so excited to open it. Everything was wrapped so nicely, you would have thought it was jewelry or expensive lingerie. So, when I finished layout out my food and took my first bite into that sandwich, it was like getting kissed from the person I love, now add a sweet embrace with the chips and dip, and finish it off by hearing ‘I Love You’ with the quench of my soda!

I still have the bag from my first visit and saved it as a momentum.   On my second date with Panera Bread, I ordered the Asiago Cheese Bagel, toasted, sliced, with cream cheese, a pecan roll and a cup of coffee.

I swear to you I am seriously thinking about naming my first born ‘Carbohydrates’. Now I find myself looking at the Panera Bread menu on a daily basis thinking about what I should eat next.

But as I continue to build a relationship with Panera Bread, I wouldn’t change anything about you, I am just mad at myself for it taking me so long to discover you.

But the only suggestion I have is could you consider selling breakfast throughout the day because it is so hard for me to do mornings.

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