6 Delicious Recipes for Recovering from Wisdom Tooth Surgery

There are a few soft foods that you can enjoy after your surgery so that you maintain your energy and stay healthy while recovering.

Wisdom tooth removal is a surgery done with dentists like the Dentist In Flint that many teenagers and adults experience when the teeth don’t have enough space in the mouth to erupt. Surgery could also be needed if the teeth are growing in a direction that causes issues for the other teeth or that causes pain in the mouth. There are a few soft foods that you can enjoy after your surgery so that you maintain your energy and stay healthy while recovering.


Combine a few foods in a blender to make a smoothie. Try to get the ingredients as smooth as possible so that it’s easy to eat. Fresh fruits are a good option as long as you remove the seeds. You can combine a few vegetables with the fruits for a beverage that has several types of vitamins and nutrients.

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Even though your child is recovering from surgery, it’s important to make sure they’re still getting a nutritious diet. Blended soups are an option to consider, especially if surgery is performed in the colder months of the year. Try to add a few vegetables to the soup to get an assortment of nutrients. Tomato soup and cream of chicken are good options that are often gentle on the stomach.

Ice Cream

One of the positive sides of wisdom tooth surgery is eating ice cream. Make sure it’s consumed using a spoon instead of in milkshake form because a sucking motion can sometimes create a dry socket where the tooth was removed. Avoid adding a lot of syrups and other toppings to the ice cream because you don’t want to introduce a lot of sugar to your body while recovering.

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Mashed Potatoes

You can get small containers of mashed potatoes that only require a small amount of water added before putting the container in the microwave. Let the potatoes cool off for a few minutes before eating them. There are several flavors that you can get including butter and cheddar.

Macaroni And Cheese

This is an excellent food option to consider that is healthier than ice cream and that is easy to swallow without a lot of chewing. Small noodles work best as well as a creamy cheese sauce instead of powdered cheese. Add a small amount of milk to the macaroni and cheese for vitamin D and calcium and to make it cooler so that it can be enjoyed soon after the dish is prepared.

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Scrambled eggs are an option after wisdom tooth surgery. You can add shredded cheese to the eggs for more flavor. You can also make an omelet in the same way if you or the person who had surgery doesn’t like the texture of scrambled eggs. This is a good meal to make because eggs have a large amount of protein, which is good for giving the body energy.

After having wisdom tooth surgery, you need to stay as hydrated as possible while still keeping nutrients in your body. Although there is pain associated with the surgery, there are foods that you can consume that are healthy. You can also enjoy a few treats as well, such as ice cream or applesauce. Try to eat something different each day to get a variety of nutrients.

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