8 Interesting Places to Get Guidance on Life and Love

Life is like a winding road full of many twists and turns. Just when you think you have things all figured out, everything can turn upside down.

Life is like a winding road full of many twists and turns. Just when you think you have things all figured out, everything can turn upside down. In the blink of an eye, your world can take a whole new direction. Keeping the balance between work, love, and family relationships can be difficult, and you may feel that there isn’t enough of you to go around. Remember that everyone experiences down times and seasons in life when they think they may lose it all. Everyone reaches a point where they want to throw in the towel or find a place to run and hide. However, you can find inspiration all around you. Here are some interesting places that you should turn to when you need answers on life and love:

1. Counseling

Counseling is one of the best outlets for finding answers to life’s most significant questions. Getting an objective view allows you to see the bigger picture. Remember, counselors help hundreds of people so you cannot say or do anything that will shock them.

Additionally, psychologists have an arsenal of coping skills they can teach you that will help you deal with your situations. While they cannot see the future, they might be able to help you make sense of your past, and they undoubtedly can help you live in the here and now.

2. Parents and Grandparents

They say that with age comes wisdom, and there is undoubtedly insight that comes along with weathering many storms. When you are a teenager and young adult, you probably avoid your parents and grandparents’ sage advice. Consequently, when you become older, you look to them for guidance and help. They know how hard life can be, and they can help you work on what you can change and focus on the critical matters at hand.

The best feeling in the world is having a parent or grandparent put their arm around you and tell you that everything will be okay. They won’t be around forever, but you will remember those special talks when they helped put everything back into perspective.

3. Horoscopes

Something is enchanting about astrology. When you are troubled, one of the first places you may want to look is to the stars. Horoscopes have been around since 3000 B.C. Our ancestors are not the only ones that found guidance above. The belief that there is something or someone more significant than you and your troubles can certainly bring comfort.

The beautiful thing about the stars is that they can help you plan your day and life around predictions. It may not be a good time for you to make a jump in life or love, and using this advice may save you a great deal of trouble. Even when the forecast seems general or even vague, you can still find meaning in the words.

4. Social Media

Social media can be a great place to find inspiration. Sites like Twitter and Facebook are full of encouraging stories, poems, and memes about life. While not all advice on social media is created equal, and it doesn’t take the place of talking to someone in person, turning to the web may put a boost in your step. Plus, who doesn’t like a good meme?

5. Spirituality

Spirituality is a very personal thing, and it means different things to each person. Turning to your faith can undoubtedly help you in the challenging times. Meditation and prayer can calm the mind and ease the spirit. Some say that when life is turned all upside down that it’s not only a physical issue, but it’s a spiritual one too.

Step outside your box to find help. Some people head to religious or sacred sites for rest and relaxation, even if it isn’t the same religion as they practice. Turning to a higher power is a positive thing in life.

6. Your Children

Whether your children are 5 or 25 doesn’t really matter. You can find great inspiration by their words and comfort by their presence. Your kids are one of the nearest and dearest things to your heart because they are a part of you. Nothing brings more joy and comfort than spending a day with your son or daughter and bonding. It can make your troubles seem like a mere bump in the road.

7. Movies

Movies are supposed to be about entertainment, but have you ever left the theater feeling motivated, happy, or inspired because of something you watched? Motion pictures have a way of stirring the inner soul, especially when the topic is about a struggle you can relate to, and writers put a lot of time and effort into making their stories meaningful. There are so many great and inspiring movies out there, many of which are based on real stories. You can almost certainly find a film about what you are going through right now. Watching someone else struggle and overcome, even if in a fictional world, can feel like a cathartic release, and will help bring a little determination to a weary mind.

8. Books

Self-help books and other various materials are an excellent place to turn. Fire up your Kindle or computer and download a few ebooks to help you focus and gain insight. If you are going through a divorce, then reading a book about coping skills and tips to deal with this challenging time in your life is advisable. Maybe you need a complete distraction. Why not read a romance novel or a book that has comedic undertones? Laughter really is the best medicine. Finding outlets that put a smile on your face, and a make you chuckle may be just what you need.

Life doesn’t come with a user’s manual. There will be times when you genuinely don’t know what to do or where to turn, but you are not alone. When things are tough, you can find help in many outlets. Sometimes, the best advice or guidance comes in the most unlikely of places.


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