Classic Horse Racing Tracks Around the World

What are the most iconic and classic horse racing tracks that we can enjoy?

Horse racing is something that is extremely popular and on a global scale. In fact, the British and Irish horse racing business employs 32,000 people; and the industry is estimated to be worth in excess of $7.2 billion. There is then associated markets to consider, like that of the entertainment side of the market. One of the man aspects here would be the horse racing betting which takes places on a daily basis from all over the world. You only have to look at the excitement in the media and betting activity on sites such as Unibet, when big race meetings like the Grand National, Ascot and The Breeders Cup come up; to appreciate how popular this pastime really is.

So many of us would be right in asking, what are most iconic and classic horse racing tracks that we can enjoy?

Churchill Downs

Based in Louisville, Kentucky it is the biggest race course based on the amount of seating it possesses. It is home to a race in the United States Triple Crown and is known as the Kentucky Derby. This fine race course was built in 1875 and after 111 years it was chosen as a National Historic Landmark in 1986. The track itself measures up to 1.25 miles and runs around the inner turf course. The race course consists of a clubhouse and an amazing museum which clears indicates that this is one of the best horse racing courses in the world. The prize money for the course is an incredible $2 million.

Belmont Park

This track is based in Elmont, New York and hosts the third leg of the United States Triple Crown. Belmont Park is also known as “The Champion Track,” because every champion in horse racing has competed in it at least once. The very well-known and legendary horse Secretariat who set two world records had set them on this track. This race track measures up to 1.5 miles long. The Belmont Stakes also receives quite a bit of tv attention, in 2004 it was the 3rd most attended race in North America and had 21.9 million people who tuned in to watch the race.

Nakayama Grand Jump

Started in 1999 and based in Nakayama, Funabashi Japan. The Nakayama Grand Jump is the most admired horse race in Japan and has a total prize pot of $1.3 million. It’s also one of the richest steeplechase races in the world. The course itself is not easy, it consists of many sharp turns, a warped path on the interior and has many jumps which limit racers. Although it has a high prize for the winner, the tickets itself for the event are cheap and is seen as more as a family race.

Paris Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe

This racecourse started in 1920 in Seine, Paris France. The Paris Prix l’Arc de Triomphe is also known as The Arc which is one the most respected horse races in the world. The racetrack only measures 1.5 miles and has a huge cash prize of $5.4 million. The Arc is also the richest turf race in the world and is held every year during the first weekend of October. Due to its sponsorship with Qatar Racing, the course has a theme around an ancient Qatari village.

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