Is Wearable Technology the Next Phase as Mobile is Dominating?

It is quite clear to everyone that mobile technology and investment dominate near enough all aspects of our existence.

It is quite clear to everyone that mobile technology and investment dominate near enough all aspects of our existence. Many industries still believe there is a lot more to come from the mobile world, and testimony to this is that competitive markets like the online casino industry are still investing heavily in their mobile platforms. What will be very interesting to see is how other concepts like wearable technology can complement the mobile world.

Wearable technology is a term that has not been in existence for so long. This is a general term that describes a group of devices such as fitness trackers, Google Glass, and smartwatches which one puts on throughout the day. Sometimes these tech devices are referred to as wearables. The technology is ranked among the world’s fastest growing markets in the whole technology sector. Experts predict that it would be worth $25 billion by 2019. Wearable technology has seen people working outside the office achieve the same benefits by using devices such as smartphones, portable terminals or even tablets.

The Impacts of Wearables on Business

Boosts employee safety

A study shows that the US private sector companies reported nearly 3 million life-threatening injuries in the workplace costing the economy not only a whopping $220 billion but also 27 million working days. Wearables are capable of protecting workers in dangerous conditions. One of the world’s notable mining corporations, Rio Tinto, for example, uses Smartcap headsets to monitor their truck drivers. This helps in reducing fatigue-related accidents. Fujitsu uses a custom Augmented Reality headset to guide their staff through complex production procedures. The American International Group also uses wearables and machine learning algorithms in predicting injuries and even machine downtime. Research shows that most firms with more than 500 workers either adapts wearables in the workplace or are thinking of doing so in future.

Enhances productivity

Adaption of wearable technology in the workplace is known to increase employee satisfaction by 3.5% and productivity by 8.5%. This is because it automates workflow and prevents burnout. Britain’s Tesco Company uses wristbands to track products that are transported along aisles. Other wearables such as the DAQRI, are designed to deliver real-time instructions as well as safety notifications to the construction workers and people working in industries. Upright is a startup business that came up with a smart sticker which vibrates when employees slouch. The sticker is placed on the worker’s lower back. The University of London carried out a survey that revealed that any wearable could improve the worker’s productivity when used appropriately.

Enhanced customer service

It is believed that wearables and the Augmented Reality industry will clock $800 million by 2020. Currently, the industry is dominated by smartwatches. A staggering 62% of businesses have adopted the use of this technology, and many more have plans to use them soon. Customer service teams can lower their response time with the help of the notifications sent by these devices.

After Virgin Atlantic Company offers full mobile access, the company has now turned to Google Glass devices for their airport staff to facilitate the check-in process and also to inform their customers of changes in flight schedule. Digital marketers analyze the sensor information generated by these devices to understand their client’s behavior better as well enhancing ad targeting.


From the piece, the question of whether the wearable technology is the next phase as mobile takes over has been adequately addressed. The technology is handy in multiple industries, for instance, the healthcare, law enforcement, education, sports, and more. Moving forward we are anticipating even more advancement in the field, as the first stride has only been made.

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