Say What You Want, But Smartphones and Tablets Are Making Our Kids Smarter

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Do you allow your child to play or watch shows on a smartphone or tablet? Most children in this day and age have their own electronic devices by the time they are four. If your children are not even five yet and already know how to download apps, lookup baby shows on youtube, or google stuff in Safari you have a very smart child on your hands. Some of them are even intelligent enough to put your password in on your shopping apps and put their favorite toys on hold in the shopping carts. Our kids are becoming very bright thanks to the use of smartphones and tablets.


Babies can get started early learning about smartphones by looking at the screens. If a parent calls in to do FaceTime with their baby, it will get them familiar with socializing and being around technology that allows them to see people they know that are not physically there. Your baby can get familiar with the voice and face of the person talking from the video. Screens can actually be used to promote babies cognitive and social development. You can ask your child what they are up to and who are they looking at. You can show them pictures of family members to see if they can recognize who they are.


Tech Savvy

In the digital age we live in, you want your child to know something about technology so they are not left behind. For example, if they are in school and have a paper to write for homework, they can download the Microsoft Word app and dictate through Siri instead writing, look at it for errors, and then print it out on a wireless printer. This can be done with minimal work. Also, having a smartphone or tablet can teach them how to keep up with important tasks by putting them on the calendar as reminders.

Accelerating Language Skills

Your child can pick up their native language very easy if it is programmed into their electronics. They will know how to pronounce a lot of words intelligently. Who knows they may even pick up another new language. In order to be efficient in the workforce having a second language is a plus. So the earlier they learn, the better.

Having a tablet or iPad is definitely the best way to teach your child about technology. With the right guidance, they will gain their skills quickly. So let them enjoy their electronics.

Devices and technology don’t only help our little ones learn but they can be a tremendous help with the learning of our older children as well. Check out this article to see how tech can help students of all ages learn!


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