Donald Trump Versus The Media

Donald Trump is easily the most controversial president that the United States has ever held in office.

Donald Trump is easily the most controversial president that the United States has ever held in office. From his now trademark tirades on Twitter, public statements that are often met with outrage, and rumors that he will soon be facing impeachment, it seems that not a day goes by that the man does not make headlines for one or another reason.

However, making headlines is what Trump is most upset about, consistently. From the first day of being declared president, Trump has lashed out at news outlets. His complaints about the coverage he has received have been all but endless, condemning virtually every major newspaper and outlet at one time or another. Now this furious relationship between the two is reaching a boiling point, with the world sitting up and taking notice as the conflict reaches boiling point.

Although, it need not be mentioned that the relationship is extremely beneficial for both parties involved. After all, the more news Trump generates, the more attention news outlets give him, the more publicity he gets, and the more readership figures rise.

Fake News

The term “fake news” is one that the president has latched on to, and has been throwing around every chance he gets. According to him, the media coverage he has received is nothing more than lies, dreamed up by reporters that have set their heart on discrediting him. Those same attacked journalists will quickly point out, of course, that the term is thrown at any source that the president does not agree with, simply as a means to hush criticism.

Hence in response to the attacks, news outlets swiftly trumpet the necessity of free press and paint themselves as the victims for simply doing their jobs, and reporting the truth about the shortfalls of Mr. Trump. It’s an ongoing, two-way battle.

On the other hand, the president has been receiving an all but incredible level of coverage, keeping him in the spotlight where he no doubt wants to be. Likewise, news outlets are enjoying more attention than they have received in many years, gathering supporters as they take the stance of being in defiance of an immensely unpopular president.

A symbiotic relationship, if ever there was one.

Synchronised Attack

The latest campaign by United States news outlets is a synchronized effort, with over 350 organizations taking part. All have agreed to take a stance against a recent, scathing attack delivered via the presidential Twitter account, branding press in the country as enemies of the people.

The coordinated effort was utilized by the outlets to use their editorials as a soapbox to defend the free press, and declare that more than ever before, the United States citizens needed to band together and stand tall to defend freedom of the press; an essential constitutional necessity.

A seemingly unanimous effort. Though, not entirely. Notably, the Wall Street Journal sat the campaign out, declaring that they would not be taking part. James Freeman, a columnist for the Wall Street Journal, plainly stated that the synchronized effort was in exact contrast to what was supposedly being defended, and not an act of independent journalism at all. A fair statement, many agreed.

The War Rages On

Regardless of the campaign, the war between Trump and the United States media is far from over. If anything, these new events mark what will likely be an escalation into new territory. Steps will no doubt be taken by the president to once again discredit the mass effort. This will almost certainly be sparking yet another retaliation by the press.

It is clearly a time in United States history of greater turmoil than has been seen in decades. At least as far as the government is concerned and its relationship of the president with citizens. The world will no doubt be watching and waiting for the next drama to unfold. And news outlets will be ready and waiting to report on it.

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