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10 Reasons Why Israel’s Soldiers Need Our Support

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Since March, Israel has been experiencing a barrage of riots and rockets on its southern border with Gaza. In addition, hundreds of incendiary balloons and kites have destroyed more than 7,000 acres of land, causing millions of shekels in damage.

The international media generally does not disseminate information when terrorists strike Israel. More often than not, world media regains its voice only when the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) retaliates to the attacks, often falsely making Israel’s soldiers look like the aggressors.


For example, on August 8, BBC News (World) retracted their title, “Israeli air strikes ‘kill pregnant woman and baby’” when the Israeli Foreign Ministry threatened to take legal action against them for their “anti-Israel” bias. This is just one example among many of the media distorting the situation in the Holy Land.

This anti-Israel bias spills over into the morale of Israel’s soldiers, making their protection of the country even more challenging than it already is. IDF soldiers not only need to fight a ruthless and unpredictable enemy, they also need to fight the war of public opinion.

Every voice that defends the IDF is a voice which must be heard. “IDF soldiers are fighting for freedom, not only for Israel but also for the U.S., and all the values that we hold so dear,” explained Yael Eckstein, Global Executive Vice President of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (The Fellowship). “Through our programs that support IDF soldiers in need, we let Israel’s fighting men and women know that Christians and Jews stand with them. This is something that they might not otherwise hear unless it’s through The Fellowship. They don’t see it on the news. They don’t hear it on the radio. They certainly are not getting it from the U.N. or the E.U. or the Arab Union. This is our way of telling them that we stand with them and appreciate them.”

Here are 10 reasons why you should be bold enough to support Israel’s soldiers:

  1. Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East. The IDF protects every person in the Holy Land including Jews, Christians, Muslims, Druze and Bedouins.
  2. The IDF is an equal opportunity army. Known as the “people’s army,” women fight alongside men and all religions serve side by side.
  3. The IDF has consistently aided countries all over the world facing disaster situations. This includes providing medical and humanitarian aid to Syrian refugees – even though they hail from Israel’s sworn enemy – fleeing from the 7-year-long civil war. It has additionally provided support and expertise to Sierra Leone, South Sudan, the Philippines, Japan, Haiti, Kenya, Jordan, USA, Germany, Liberia, Nepal, Uganda and Greece.
  4. There are nearly 7,000 “lone soldiers” in the IDF, Jewish men and women who come to Israel from all over the world to serve the country they love.
  5. Following three years of service, many soldiers take a half year or more to travel and refresh themselves only to find that upon their return to Israel it is difficult for them to make a living. The Fellowship supports these soldiers with programs that help them adjust to and be successful in their new lives.
  6. All food served to soldiers is kosher according to biblical dictates.
  7. The IDF maintains units for people with special needs. Those who serve in these units proudly wear an IDF uniform and have important missions, including manning border surveillance cameras.
  8. Countries all over the world learn to fight terrorism through the efforts and intelligence of the IDF.
  9. The IDF takes extreme measures to avoid enemy civilian casualties, even during war.
  10. In order that “never again” will Jews be at the mercy of hostile powers, the IDF ensures that there is a Jewish homeland for Jews from all over the world.

Jonah Carte
Jonah Carte is a Freelance Writer who works with various publishing platforms to inform readers of the latest news and opinions on the United States and World news. Jonah has secured various publications, including local and national newspaper contributions. Jonah has a Journalism Degree from the University of Pennsylvania.

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