4 Signs You’re Addicted To Your Smartphone

Many students spend more time on their cellphone than they realize, apps like BreakFree and Moment are designed to help cut down the amount of time spent on a cellphone. (Allison Evans | The Collegian )

Ten years ago a cell phone was mostly used for sending text messages, calling, and checking an email or two.  Although there were some applications available, there weren’t anywhere near the amount that there are now.

At this point, smartphone technology has advanced so much that for many people their phones aren’t just a phone, but more like an extension of their arm.  


Although you may not want to admit that you’re addicted to your phone, and it’s merely a fun pastime, you may want to look at some of the signs that you’re a full-fledged addict.  Here are some of the most common indications.

Not Having a Signal Gives Your Anxiety

We’ve all had it happen.  You’re walking down the street trying to find a storefront of friend’s address, and suddenly your phone can’t find the network.  For some people, it may be mildly annoying, yet they put their phone in their bag and attempt to navigate with an alternative method, or take a break until their phone comes back online.

However, for other people, losing their phone signal might as well be the same thing as finding themselves alone on the moon.  They’re so dependent on their phones that they feel anxiety without knowing that it’s at their disposition.


You Experience Phantom Vibrations

If your phone is frequently on vibrate mode, you may start to imagine vibrations that aren’t happening.   A recent study has identified that these phantom vibrations are possibly an actual syndrome which is linked to anxiety.

It may be attributed to craving reassurance and attention which you may not be receiving outside of the world of your cell phone.  If you’re experiencing notifications that aren’t real, it may be time to seriously consider putting your phone in a drawer for a few hours a day.

Your Screen Time Is 5 Hours a Day Or More

Many cell phones offer screen time insight which breaks down how much time you spend a day on your phone.  Your phone can measure and track how many times you pick up your phone throughout the day between applications and phone calls.  

Seeing the data can be shocking when you realize the reality of just how much you’re picking up your phone in reality.


Try to take a look at least once every few days to measure your usage.  There may be more room for improvement than you think.

You Aren’t Getting All Of Your Tasks Done

Even though you may think that your cell phone is an innocent prop that you carry around to keep you in touch with important tasks, it may be causing more damage than you think.

If you find yourself unable to finish your tasks at the end of each day, you may want to start asking yourself how much of that is attributed to looking at your phone.

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