The Best Seats for Great View of the Field at MetLife Stadium


Imagine you’re tired after a three-hour struggle to get to MetLife Stadium to watch an NFL match. As you pull yourself between the seat rows to find your seat, you realize you made a terrible mistake. You booked a seat that is hidden in a dark corner of the stadium. You are sure you will barely see your best NFL player. The Jumbo Jet Breakfast Sandwich you bought becomes tasteless as you sink into thought how you would be following the game from the comfort of your couch in your house.

You are doomed. You have wasted your money. You wish you had booked the MetLife stadium suites. Nobody ever wants to find himself in such a scenario.


The best sitting positions in MetLife Stadium

Short people must be selective when buying tickets to watch any game at MetLife Stadium. They must get the best seats or else they will learn a lesson the hard way. MetLife Stadium has four sitting levels. The plaza level is closest to the field. 100 level is next followed by 200 level then the 300 level is last. The stadium has club areas and several suites along the 200 level. You get the best view of the field when seated anywhere between rows 10-20 of the 100 level. The spacing between the seats is great making the whole stadium easy to maneuver.  

Seats are a bit high to enable you to see a wide angle of the field. At the same time, you are not so far away from the field. You want to look at the faces of the players and at least get a smell of their sweat. Short people between 4.5 feet to 5.5 feet will be more than comfortable here.

You will comfortably munch your wingman wings and follow the action without having to stand. The stadium has five gates. Make sure you remember the gate you went through while entering the stadium. Signage for the location of seats is not very clear. You may opt to ask attendants to help you out, but some will confuse you further.


The Seats to avoid at MetLife Stadium

Now that you know the best seating position, it is essential to know which seats to avoid. You would rather stay at home than pay for these seats. Avoid seats in the 200 level that are under the covering of the 300 level. They have the poorest view of the field. You will barely catch a glimpse of Jumbo trombone.

How to Secure the Best Seats at MetLife Stadium

You only have one way to secure seats in rows 10-20 of 100 level. Book them early or book a suite. After booking, figure out which gate is closest to your seat. By determining which gate to use, you will know where to park. Getting lost is easy. If you had planned to buy food, buy it before the event so that you have ample time to search for your seat. MetLife Stadium Police bring order during parking, but sometimes it gets messy. You may fail to locate your car especially when everyone is leaving. You have only two hours to leave, after which the parking lot is closed.  

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