Why Your Car Needs Good Suspension


There are many different parts of a car which can sometimes begin to wear down. While we pay attention to components like the tires and the brake pads, we can sometimes neglect others, such as the suspension system. Here are some reasons why you need to maintain your car’s suspension.

Provides Consistent Handling

The suspension is threaded throughout the whole car from the chassis itself down to the shock absorbers. All of these components work in harmony to ensure that your car travels as smoothly as it can across all different surfaces and terrains.


Not only does the suspension support the car’s weight, but it also absorbs any shock or bump from the road to make the ride a whole lot smoother. If you notice that any bumps are getting much worse with passing time, it might be worth you change the car’s shocks or struts.

Properly maintained suspension allows you to remain in the fullest control of your vehicle at all times. It compensates for the small changes we make when driving in addition to the small changes forced on us by poor terrain. Without this protection, we risk losing control of the car and having an accident.

Promotes Balanced Tire and Brake Wear

A well-suspended car is one that can keep all its tires on the road as best as possible. This then means that all the brakes and tires will be able to wear down at the same rate. On the other hand, a faulty suspension that concentrates the car’s weight either to one end or one side of the car is going to make a portion of the brakes wear down faster. This can be costly to correct and may mean that you have to replace brakes which don’t require replacing yet to reset things and get them back to a uniform condition.  You can see some reviews for the best brake rotors over at CarCareTotal.

The suspension also works with the brakes in the event of an emergency stop. If you did not have brakes you would not be able to stop the car and if you did not have suspension then the car would near crash anytime you tried to stop. By having both work together, you are spreading the force from breaking evenly around the car and thus minimizing any damage the car may take from the heavy breaking.


Helps Your Health

Driving is not kind on our backs and a poor suspension is even less so. Whether it is poor lumbar support in smaller, cheaper cars, or simply just an older car running its springs into the ground, driving for more than twenty minutes can result in some serious pain for our lower backs.

Hitting a bump in the road can be painful enough even if you do not have any back pain. It can be even more painful if you have an already existing condition. Don’t take the risk; if you are aware that your shocks need replacing then make sure you do so to prevent issues later on in life.

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