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Jeffrey Zeigler, the Man Who Fired At A Black Teenager Asking For Directions, Was Just Sentenced To Four-To-10 Years In Prison


Jeffrey Zeigler, the man who fired his shotgun at a teenaged boy who was asking for directions, was sentenced to four-to-10 years in prison for his careless and thoughtless actions.

Zeigler was found guilty by a grand jury for trying to harm Brennan Walker, 14. All this was caught on camera, and it is being reported that it seems as though Jeffrey was shooting to kill.


He has since apologized and said that he “felt extremely remorseful. I was, I was just shocked.”

What’s interesting about this is that a detective testified on Jeffrey’s behalf and said that his family had their house robbed three times between 2009 and 2010.

Even though that may have been true, Assistant Prosecutor Kelly Collins let it be known that this was not the case in this situation and that the teen escaped a possibly fatal injury by just a few seconds.


“There were choices made and choices have consequences,” she told the jury.

“He told you of his past and his credentials and how he is an upstanding citizen and homeowner who was broken into before… and how he felt he and his wife were in danger. He (Jeffrey) was the danger on April 12.”

The teen’s mom cried frequently throughout the trial when videos of that scary encounter were played for jurors.

“When I saw that video, my thought process switched. I knew which direction I
had to go. I was shocked,” Detective Shawn Pace said in court. He said when he watched the footage a second time, he could see that Jeffrey was getting “charged up because I was offended by what I had seen.”

“He took a big drink of water, looked at me and said, ‘I’m tired of being a victim.’ That was it,” Shawn said.

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