9 Popular Activities to Try in 2019

Spending your free time doing entertaining things is about as good as it gets.

Spending your free time doing entertaining things is about as good as it gets. After a long week of dealing with work and everyday tasks, it is always nice to be able to enjoy relaxing activities and simply have a lot of fun as a way to unwind.

Getting into creative hobbies and trying new things is a great way to start the year. As we get closer to 2019, a few activities and hobbies are becoming increasingly popular. If you are looking for new things to try, here are the nine most popular activities to get into.

1. Online Gaming

More and more people try online casino gaming and sports betting for two reasons. First, there are more brokers and gaming platforms to choose from. On top of that, you now have free bonuses and more special offers to get you started.

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2. Small-Space Gardening

You don’t have to have a large back garden to get into gardening as a hobby. In recent years, apartment gardening has evolved into what we now know as small-space gardening. The idea behind it is simple; you use whatever space you have and utilize different gardening systems to create your own garden.

Hydroponics is not the only way you can create your own garden in a small space. You can also turn to vertical gardening and other systems to get started. Even better, there are now ways to automate the day-to-day maintenance tasks that you need to do, which means you can focus more on the fun side of gardening.

3. Hand Lettering

If you have always been fascinated by the fancy quotes you see on Tumblr, hand lettering may just be the perfect creative hobby for you. The activity is not only soothing, but also very entertaining once you get into it.

It is also an easy hobby to get into. While you can invest a lot on a good pen and a set of brushes, starting with the simplest tools is also possible. You can use the new hobby to create your own cards or develop your own quotes to share on Instagram and other social media platforms.

4. Videography

Speaking of sharing on social media platforms, it is also a good idea to take up videography or vlogging as a hobby. Starting a new blog is still a great way to share, but you can capture the attention of more viewers and gain better engagement with video content these days.

You don’t need much to produce great videos that your audience will love. The smartphone camera in your pocket is more than capable of shooting high quality 1080p videos. You just need to work on your ideas and the content you want to share to get started.

5. PC Modding

Building your own custom PC may sound boring, but there is a huge modding scene to follow. That modding scene is only going to get more exciting as we enter 2019. PC modding doesn’t stop with building your own custom PC. There are more things to customize along the way.

You can, for example, install a custom water-cooling system for your PC. Additional LED lights and even an entirely custom case are also things that will attract more attention. Join online modding communities and learn from others who are into this hobby too.

6. Pick Up a New Language

In the old days, learning a new language was more of a challenge than a hobby. Today, however, you can learn new languages with the help of apps and online courses, and the whole process becomes much more entertaining than before.

There are some interesting languages to learn too. Mandarin is said to be the language of the future; it may be true, especially when you consider the growing economy of China. You can also learn Arabic, French, and other languages from different parts of the world.

7. Journaling

We mentioned how blogging as a way to record the events you experience during the day is slowly being replaced by vlogging, but that doesn’t mean you cannot keep a journal of your own. Combined with other creative hobbies like scrapbooking, journaling can still be very fun.

You are no longer limited to writing down your experiences. You can add instant photos you take using Instax cameras, use stickers or other accessories to highlight important moments, and even write your journals down in a custom book that represents who you are.

8. Origami

Origami is certainly not a new hobby, but it is a hobby that will be immensely popular in 2019. This is because you now have more resources to help you achieve incredible results with your origami. Aside from plants and animals, you can create a whole lot of other things using paper folding.

Origami combines art and science. Today, you can simulate origami using 3D software and apps, and then try to achieve the same result using paper. There is a huge community behind origami as a hobby too, which means you will never run out of new ideas and designs to try.

9. Improv and Stand Up Comedy

We all know how far stand-up comedy has gone this year alone, and the art form will only get bigger. More venues now host improv and stand-up comedy amateur nights, and it only takes a bit of preparation to give one of those events a try.

Bear in mind that stand-up comedy is the kind of hobby you need to try once to understand. However, the thrills of getting laughs while you are on stage are invaluable.

So, which of these nine hobbies do you want to try the most? Do you have your own ideas of new things to try next year? Be sure to share your thoughts and stories in the Comments section below.

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