You’re Doing It Wrong: New Rules for Dating That You Should Know

Now you need to ditch the old dating rules since the new ones have numerous benefits.

Now you need to ditch the old dating rules since the new ones have numerous benefits. After all, everyone else is following them, and they seem to be working well. The new rules are greatly influenced by the fact that people want to do things differently or as guided by technology.

In comparison with the old dating rulebook, you will be surprised that most of the new rules are more casual and easier to follow. Here are the popular ones.

Explore More Options at a Time

The old rule says that you have to date only one person at a time. Long gone are such dating rules because people now believe that you can go on dates with more than one person if you are not in a committed relationship. Therefore, you can meet different people simultaneously to reduce the time required to find the perfect match. Luckily, most of the popular dating sites allow people to have multiple dates at the same time and provide guidelines on how to do it. It is important to take these tips seriously to avoid getting into trouble.

Both Men and Women Can Make the First Move

There are numerous dating sites out there where any person can look for the individual she or he wants to date and make a move. One such site is, which allows people to meet for various reasons like dating, casual sex and much more. According to these sites, either a man or a woman can make the first move when either has found the love of their lives. It, therefore, means that the old rule that only men can make the first move is dead.

Test the Chemistry When You Want

In the old rulebook, it is recommended that dating couples should only have sex after their third date. Anything before then is said to have all kinds of risks that can lead to heartbreak. However, this rule is now rendered invalid by the new one in place. People can engage in sex when they want as long as they have both consented to it. So, you should not be afraid to try it on your first date as long as there is no unwanted pressure or influence. Also, you can say no as many times as you want, and this will not be out of the norm.

More Connections

With the increase in gadgets that help people to connect, you do not need to struggle to save or find your date’s phone number. When people meet through an online-dating website, there is not a danger of losing contact with the other person if you do not have the other person’s phone number. Therefore, you will be forever connected. The old rules allowed people not to exchange their telephone numbers, which meant accepting the possibility of losing contact henceforth. But this rule is no longer in place. There are far too many ways to stay connected and meet again once you are connected.


If you still have been following the old customs for dating, then you now know the modern rules that are necessary to avoid making unsuccessful efforts. However, some of the old rules still work for some couples especially if they are integrated with the new rules. You can also mutually set your own rules and follow them if they work.

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