How To Expose Your Online Business Through Street Festivals

Online businesses are performing well through the application of different online marketing strategies where sellers are enabled to expose their brands to their target audience.

Online businesses are performing well through the application of different online marketing strategies where sellers are enabled to expose their brands to their target audience. Such techniques include SEO, social media marketing, pay-per-click, and email marketing among others. Once you build your online reputation, it becomes easy to not only attract new customers but also retain them.

The idea of taking your business to the real world can be both exciting and overwhelming. A rich online presence helps one to connect with customers easily. The question is, how can you connect with the same people in real life? Street festivals have proved to be a turning point for some businesses, and if you want to try your luck in such events, the following tips can help you succeed.

1.Search For Events

Your first step is knowing how to find events near you because the media will not always advertise them. There are different ways of doing this, and these include doing a Google search, asking other business owners, or relying on databases from companies such as Fairs and Festivals, Shopify’s Market Directory, Yelp, and Facebook, from the upcoming events page. Always do your homework well, and you won’t miss important events.

2. Identify Events That Suit You

You have to be very careful when choosing your event because you will not be attending the event for social gains but for business purposes. In this case, the coolest upcoming festival should not excite you unless it will be right for your brand, too. Consider factors, such as your business target audience, reputation, goals of that event, its timing, and the total cost you will incur to get everything done. With this information at hand, you can make an informed decision.

3. Be A Good Planner

They say that the earliest bird gets the worm and since you are not the only vendor interested in selling your product at the festival, plan to arrive early. Make sure you speak to the person in charge of the event and make sure your spot is reserved some days before the event. Also, get to know where to buy event canopies and everything else that you need for your booth. Pay a deposit if you have to because, in a street festival, you must be willing to pay something before you gain a penny. However, if you do everything the right way, it will be all worth it.

4.Notify Your Online Followers Of Your Intended Presence In The Event

For an online business to succeed, online presence must be topnotch. Keep updating important and relevant information and, at the same time, interact with customers as much as possible. Take this advantage and notify your followers of every event that you purpose to attend. The fact that you are a vendor in an event does not mean that you must sell, but you can increase your chances to sell more if you involve your online followers. Some people will always prefer picking things up at physical stores rather than ordering, even if you offer them free shipping. The street festivals will help you meet such customers.

5. Ask For Assistance

Street festivals or open markets can be very tiring and overwhelming, which is the reason why you should not sell alone. Evaluate yourself to know what you can handle on your own and purpose to hire a team to handle everything else. You can hire some people for a few hours to help you set up your business for the day.

6. Your Selling Area Should Be Attractive, Visible, And Accessible

Give people a reason to visit your booth. There are different ways you can improve your presence, and these include a colorful tablecloth and canopy, an attractive banner revealing more about your brand, and a backdrop, among others. Display your products where customers can see them. Make it easy for them to window shop and access the products regardless of their height.

7. Be Engaging

Customer service is important in every step of the way. With a street event, you must be prepared to interact with different people by answering questions as they come. Smile with them and make sure you are very friendly to everyone. Some may not buy that day, but your friendly charm may encourage them to follow you online.

Never be afraid to be a vendor in any street or open market event because it is a good way of exposing your brand to people who do not shop or buy from online stores. It is another way of boosting your cash flow in the business.


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