French League’s Main Intrigues in the Current Season

In the French League 1, “PSG” has gone far ahead of its main competitors in the middle of the season is leading again.

In the French League 1, “PSG” has gone far ahead of its main competitors in the middle of the season is leading again. We’ll see whether the Paris team will become the best in the home arena this time.

In summer, “PSG” made almost no loud transfers, especially if we compare them with the number of transfers made last year. However, contracts with Buffon, Bernat and Choupo-Moting have already paid for itself. None of them is a “crucial” player for Tuchel’s team but these football players are very important for the overall picture of the game.

“PSG” started the season quite briskly and won 10 times at the beginning. This is a new European record in the TOP 5 leagues. As a result, Paris players feel very comfortable in the league table. In the second half of the season, they will probably switch from the League 1 to the matches held on the international arena.

Of the website of the sports statistics – Livescore, you can always follow the team’s achievements in all the tournaments. By the way, an attention here is paid to the clubs from all over the world: “River Plate”, “Olympiacos”, Kaizer Chiefs FC, “Cruzeiro”, “Palmeiras”. The list of events will impress even the most demanding football fans.

League Table Situation

If the first line is quite obvious now, the further lines of the league table resemble a wide gap. The main candidates for entering the Champions League are:

  • “Lille”;
  • “Lyon”;
  • “Marseille”;
  • “Saint-Étienne”;
  • “Nice”.

When the season had started, many people predicted that this list would have included “Monaco” too but the club had been a real value. The main reason for this is the summer transfers of leaders. It turned out to be quite difficult to show great results without Fabihno, Lemar, and other players.

New members of the team aren’t meeting the expectations and showing quite a modest game now. It isn’t surprising that the main coach Jardim was retired and replaced by the legendary player from the French team Thierry Henry. He wasn’t so confident at the very beginning but now it’s clear the situation is getting better and better.

For the team, the most important purpose is to remain the elite division and start playing combinations thinking about the next season and setting higher goals.

You can always follow the results of the French Championship on the website of sports statistics where the information is updated in live mode. Get to the website at any time of the day and you’ll find only the reliable data in their full extent. With them, you’ll understand the League 1 better.

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