Love Living In Style? Then You’ll Love Living In A Top-Floor Luxury Apartment


As of 2014, multifamily homes, including high-rises, accounted for 40% of all new construction projects. Today, that number is even higher. It’s a growing trend; if you’re downsizing, you’re not alone.

Downsizing your home doesn’t mean you’ll get stuck with a drab, boring interior. You can make any size home feel luxurious with modern decor. By starting with a high-rise luxury apartment, you’ll have a head start. Get the top floor, and you’ll be even more satisfied with your choice to downsize.


High-rise apartments give you a better view

Although high-rise apartments are built to maximize the number of units that can exist in a certain space, tenants benefit just as well. For instance, some high-rise apartments have a generous view of a body of water like a lake, stream, or the ocean. Others overlook cities that light up beautifully at night. It’s all about location, and what each person considers to be a grand view.

With a high-rise apartment, you won’t get stuck looking at a brick wall or your neighbor’s unpainted fence. The higher you are, the better the view, making top-floor living the ultimate experience.

Without the usual visuals of neighborhood life, you won’t feel like you’re in the middle of a cramped city. For instance, you won’t see neighbors mowing the lawn, or ten cars piling up in someone’s driveway on a holiday. You’ll see the city from a bird’s eye view, and when you’re not looking out the windows, your focus will remain on the inside of your apartment. If you’re an artist or creative type, the lack of distractions will bring more clarity to your projects.


Most high-rise luxury apartments have floor-to-ceiling windows

You won’t see floor-to-ceiling windows in a duplex or standard apartment complex. They’re a bit more expensive to build and weren’t popular when the majority of existing apartments were built.

Big, beautiful windows are a staple amenity in luxury communities like The VUE. The VUE is the highest high-rise building between Miami and New York, with a breathtaking view of Uptown Charlotte through floor-to-ceiling windows. From studios to opulent penthouses, and a 24-hour concierge service, this community is just one example of how apartment living can be luxurious.

Many high-rise luxury apartments provide amenities like bars, clubhouses, gated entry, 24-hour security, and smart appliances built into each unit.

Top floor units will stay warmer in the winter

A significant advantage of living in a high-rise building, most notably the top floor, is the fact that heat rises.  A top floor apartment will stay warmer than the rest, and in winter, you’ll appreciate that. Much of the heat you get will be from the people below you. The downside is getting more heat in the summer, but if you’re living in a luxury apartment, you likely have air conditioning to balance it out. People on the bottom floors will have to run their heater more often, so you’ll save some money, too.


Top floor units are quieter

A top floor apartment is the quietest place you could live. You won’t feel your home shake and wonder if you’ve got elephants living above you, or if your neighbor is practicing for their bowling league. You might have neighbors on either side of you, but most luxury apartments install an extra layer of drywall with more insulation in between. The sounds and vibrations from adjacent units will be muffled, if not drowned out completely.

Higher spaces are more private

Some apartments have a layout that requires foot traffic to walk through a lobby and a courtyard that winds around people’s front doors. You don’t have to worry about that when you’re living up high. You’re going to have hallways and neighbors, but the amount of foot traffic will be minimized. Rather than hearing all the foot traffic, including people on their way to see the manager or take the elevator, you’ll only hear your immediate neighbors. The isolation is peaceful and private.

Your balcony will stay cleaner when you’re at the top

The one complaint most people have about living in a high rise is the amount of debris that falls onto their balcony from above. This is unavoidable unless you live on the top floor. If you don’t need to use your balcony for long periods of time, it’s not a deal breaker. However, if you enjoy lounging around on your balcony, wait it out for a top floor apartment. For all the reasons listed above, it will be worth the wait.

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