How to Learn an Instrument on a Budget

The surge of the gig economy and remote work has made it possible for people to pursue their dreams of becoming a musician and even make a little money from it.

The surge of the gig economy and remote work has made it possible for people to pursue their dreams of becoming a musician and even make a little money from it. Apps and e-learning are making it easier than ever to learn how to play a variety of instruments at a reasonable price.

Here’s how to realize your dreams of becoming a musician by being a cost-conscious instrument shopper and player.

Look for Deals Online

Gone are the days of hoping to find a rare deal on eBay. Now, online shopping options are endless. From websites that offer special deals on guitars (see for yourself at to online marketplaces full of second-hand goods, the options for finding a well-priced instrument are endless.

Take some time to browse and determine whether you want a specific brand of a new instrument or if you’re ok with something second-hand or discounted. The best way to get started with learning an instrument on a budget is to look for something second-hand and not worry about brand names. This allows you time to commit to your practice and reward yourself with a newer model for your dedication.

It’s also wise to look for deals on new instruments leading up to the holidays or signing up for sale notifications. Second-hand instruments tend to go on sale during the spring, as people start their spring cleaning efforts.

Consider Your Instrument

Not all instruments are made or priced the same. Take some time to consider if there’s a specific instrument you want to learn and how it compares to other instruments. For example, guitars tend to be an affordable option to learn. On the other hand, pianos can be quite costly.

That being said, if you’ve always dreamed of becoming a concert harpist, you shouldn’t settle for a guitar simply because it’s cheaper. Be mindful of the price implications and start saving ahead of time.

Attend Open Houses and Events

Local instrument shops may have open houses and beginner events in which attendees get a taste of their music lessons or experience the basics. It’s also a great time to ask all of your questions about your instrument of choice and learn what you should be looking for, even if you decide to buy second-hand.

Use an App

Music lessons are quite expensive. Fortunately, there are apps available that can teach you how to learn an instrument for free or for minimal investment. Using these apps to get started is a good way to learn the basics of an instrument without breaking the bank. This is also a great option for parents who want to learn how to play music despite a hectic schedule or want to turn it into a family affair.

The problem with using an app is that it offers less accountability than working with an instructor. It will take discipline and scheduling to ensure that your music lesson app doesn’t become another space waster on your phone.

Take Online Lessons

If the app approach doesn’t offer enough structure for you, but in-person lessons aren’t an option, consider taking online lessons via video messaging or e-learning. This offers the benefit of a financial investment, which often encourages people to stick with their goal. Online lessons and e-learning are a nice balance between the convenience of an app and the interaction of in-person lessons.

Look for deals for online lessons through resources like Udemy. For those interested in starting a music business and becoming a musician, you may be able to find a combination of lessons and coursework about the music business.

People have been turning to instruments for comfort and entertainment since before money existed. By shopping for deals and committing to learning your craft, you can learn an instrument on a budget.

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