Doe Deere Loves Modern Jewelry With Vintage Flair

The right jewelry can set off any outfit nicely.

The right jewelry can set off any outfit nicely. This is something that renowned entrepreneur and now jewelry designer Doe Deere understands very well. She loves playing around with color and the use of material. As a designer, she understands exactly how to put pieces together that shine. Her work is notable in many ways. She’s shown that she understands the history of jewelry making in the past. At present, she’s been fully exploring how to take vintage pieces and update them for today’s modern woman. In the process, she looked at various types of jewelry styles. It was then that one particular style began to catch her eye and start the process of inspiration that would later become an entirely new company devoted to bringing this style to consumers across the globe. Her new brand is about crafting items with a history and the ability to be passed down as heirlooms to new generations.

The Victorian Era

After careful investigation, Doe Deere found herself drawn to a certain style. This is the Victorian style. Begun with the accession of Queen Victoria over a century ago, the Victoria era has notable for many different characteristics. The jewelry seen at this period is typically quite ornate and often has many different materials in a single piece. Victorian era pieces have much in common with Deere. Like her, they are all about the use of the color. Many pieces are full of vibrant shades that delight the eye. The same is true of the style that Deere has always loved in her own life and her own much-admired designs. She loves how such colors can be layered on to create a look that is all about embracing life and loving it fully. This style is one that she has brought to life with her newest collection.

Poppy Angeloff

The creation of her Poppy Angeloff jewelry line started as she looked at vintage styles that appealed to her. Doe Deere wanted items that would instantly say class and yet allow the wearer to use them to show off their own style in turn. She and her sister quickly began to think about how create such a line. It was with her help that she realized this could be more than a simple idea. In fact, it could be real idea. It could also be an idea that would let her further express her own sense of creativity in a deeply satisfying way. She’s always has this desire to explore the world more closely and tell people about her sense of style. The new line is about letting her do that. It’s also about letting others follow in the same footsteps with their own twist.

An Evolution

For much of her life, Doe Deere has been about bringing the world in front of her to her feet. This new line is another instance of her own desire for expression and her ability to inspire others to do the same in their own lives. She wants people to see the world as she sees it, as an ever-changing list of possibilities that can be harnessed and loved. This new line of jewelry offers people a chance to add that feeling of expression and use it to create their own looks. Like her, many of her fans are very quirky. They love mixing and matching the vintage and the modern in the same look. She offers her clients yet another opportunity to embrace the side of their life that seeks to show the world what they’re thinking and feeling.

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