New Music Alert: Charlie Harris’ Moonbounce

Inspired by the eclectic sounds of Daft Punk, The Weeknd, and Muse, the North Carolina born, Brooklyn, New York based, Charlie Harris creates empathetic, thought-provoking tracks that ignite the brain; as well as the ears. With his unique fusion of electro-pop, Harris aims to be that small flicker of light in the darkest room providing hope and encouragement, while broadening horizons.During a four year period of of engaging in space exploration in Washington, D.C., Harris decided that it was time for a change. A music lover by nature, he started his musical journey releasing songs for his friends and family on Soundcloud. Soonafter, he took a break from space exploration and moved to New York City, to refine his sound, and establish himself as an artist.

With his debut single “MoonBounce”, Harris revisits his D.C days incorporating space vibes, with an uptempo electro-pop beat intensifying his smooth, yet haunting vocals. A boisterous ode to the past days of partying, and the unpredictable but bright future that lies ahead, this cutting edge track doesn’t disappoint. In a time when feel good party music seems to be a thing of the past, “MoonBounce” aims to bring back days of being carefree and simply having a good time. “MoonBounce” drops February 27, 2019 and can be heard on all of Charlie’s social media outlets below:

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