5 Tips for Creating a Killer Mobile App

So You Want to Be a Mobile App Developer: Tips for Making a Great App

Are you an up and coming mobile app developer? Here are a few tips for making a killer app.

There were nearly 200 million mobile app downloads in 2017 alone. Whether you want to become a mobile app developer or you’ve already started designing, making a successful app requires dedication, time, and persistence.

Do you want to create a viral app? Want to make some serious money off your brilliant idea? Let’s get into our top tips! 

1. Define Your Difference

With over 2 million apps on both the Android and Apple marketplace, it’s not enough to create a good enough app.

You need to design an app that’s dynamic, compelling, and intriguing. In other words, you need to develop something that stands out from the millions of competitors you’re facing.

This comes down to knowing and defining your difference. 

Why should people download your app? What do you have to offer that no other app currently offers? Finally, how are you helping your target demographic solve a significant problem?

2. Find The Right Team

Just because you have the million dollar idea doesn’t mean you know the advanced technology to execute it.

Instead, take the time to find the right App Developers for your project. Your team should be just as excited for your app as you are! 

Just like hiring any contractor, make sure that it’s a good fit. Browse through their work portfolios and get clarification for any questions you have before signing a contract.

3. Focus on Efficiency

Apps that suck up 3G or 4G data have a higher likelihood of crashing. This is frustrating for user experience, and it’s a surefire way to irritate consumers. Even though most of us are addicted to our smartphones, we value our data plans, and we certainly value efficiency.  

 You want your app to work as effectively as possible. This may entail removing some additional features, but less may be more.

4. Prioritize Colors

Colors evoke emotions, so it is vital that you select the best ones for your mobile app. For example, an app based on at home-yoga might benefit from green hues, as this color represents growth and health.

A productivity-based app may benefit from blue (which conveys strength and reliability) or even purple (which conveys wisdom and imagination).

5. Create Dynamic Content

Yes, a picture tells a thousand words, but that doesn’t mean your words aren’t just as important! First, your copy must be easy to understand. It also must be interesting enough for people to continue engaging with it.

How do you accomplish this? Focus on the significant words first. We’re all relatively impatient, so you want to get your point across quickly.

Finally, use consistent wording across each screen. Your wording represents your brand, and you want this to be a consistent experience for your users.

Final Thoughts on Becoming A Successful Mobile App Developer

A successful mobile app developer takes the time and effort to cultivate the best app possible. This requires understanding (and blending) both creativity with modern business.

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