A Guide To Buying The Perfect Vacuum

Cleaning our homes is a task that we all have to undertake.

Cleaning our homes is a task that we all have to undertake. Whether it’s cleaning products, sweeping brushes or your vacuum cleaner, all of these have a part to play when it comes to cleaning our homes. Ideally you want to pick the best cleaning options to make cleaning your home a simple and effortless task. The Dyson V-6 for example as voted the the best vacuum cleaner listed by 10giants  which brings us to ask the question of how to choose the best vacuum cleaner to meet your needs.

You need to consider what type of vacuum cleaner you require. Below will outline the different types of vacuum cleaners that there are on the market:

Uprights: if you live in a larger home or have larger carpeted areas to clean, then an upright may be the right choice for you. They are ideal for those that do not like to bend and are easy to operate.

Cordless Uprights: these vacuum cleaners are not as powerful as their corded equivalent; however, they are very versatile, particularly if you live over a number of floors. They are light and they tend to last approx. 30-40mins on a full charge. They are also great for getting to this hard to reach areas where power is not an option. Finally, they only require one charging point and can be used all over the home.

Cylinders: these are one of the most popular options. They are ideal for a smaller home as they are easy to manoeuvre, as well as easy to store. The design of most cylinder cleaners makes them quire a powerful unit to have, which means they are good for cleaning hard floors, as well as carpets. They are also ideal for cleaning stairs and upholstery. The level of suction that they offer is especially good for upholstery.

Cordless Handheld Cleaners: these types of cleaners are ideal for cleaning cars, stairs and upholstery. Most of these cleaners are very light and compact and they are fantastic for regular cleaning needs, especially if you have children or pets.

Steam Cleaners: steam cleaners do exactly what their name states, they clean as opposed to vacuum. They are ideal for most types of floors and can even clean windows and upholstery. Most models tend to heat up within 30 seconds and there is no need for detergents, as the steam is the only cleaning product they require. Steam cleaners can be quite large so consider storage before purchase.

Carpet Washers: like the steam cleaner, these are more about cleaning your carpets. Most carpet cleaners only clean carpets and not hard flooring. They can offer a very deep clean to your carpets, which can therefore prolong the life of your carpets.

Robot Cleaners: if you really want a labour-saving device and you live in a larger home then consider a robot cleaner. They navigate by sensors or you can pre-set them so they know the area to clean. These robot cleaners can even return themselves back to their dock to be charged.

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