Cowboy Boots Revival: Why These Boots Are Still Relevant

James Dean’s iconic footwear has seen its best days during the peak of his career.

James Dean’s iconic footwear has seen its best days during the peak of his career. However, cowboy boots never really left the fashion scene and were able to stay relevant during the years. Known for the sleek design and its role in men’s fashion, the resurgence in recent years shows how these great boots will never get old.

Although cowboy boots have seen some changes in the past years, their signature shiny leather finish, as well as the tall boot shaft, makes it easy to identify in the crowd. Historically worn by cowboys, it is now one of the top immerging trends in the fashion industry. And with the influence of Hollywood, it seems like these shoes will be staying for a while in the fashion world.

Cowboy Boots During The American Frontier

Worn by the cowboys during the era of the wild west, cowboy boots are traditionally made with cowhide leather or “exotic” skins from other animals, such as snakes, ostrich, eel, elephant, sting ray, elk, alligator, and buffalo. In addition, the heels are designed to have a Cuban heel with a rounded to pointed toe. 

Cowboy Boots As The New Fashion Trend

According to The Guardian, the resurgence of cowboy boots started in September 2017 when streetwear brand Hood by Air featured some of the greatest pairs in the fashion world these recent years. Fuelled by the mighty power of memes, cowboy boots became even more popular last year. And with the involvement of influential designers, such as Raf Simons and Phoebe Philo, cowboy boots became one of the hottest trends last year for both men’s and women’s fashion.

There are two basic types of cowboy boots: the western style and the roper. The western style is the classic style which is seen in a lot of old movies worn by men clad in jeans and a cowboy hat. Although originally rounded, square toe cowboy boots for men also became one of the famous variances. The roper, on the other hand, has a short boot shaft which stops in the ankle, unlike the traditional one which stops in the mid-calf. Ropers are frequently seen in squared toe fashion these days, but they also have a rounded toe-variant.

Because of the changes in the design as well as the usage, there are a lot of types of cowboy boots that emerged during its lifespan. Among ropers and the classic, there is also the shortie boot, which was lighter and less expensive. A work boot is also made for workers that are on their feet 12 to 14 hours a day and is known for its durability and comfort. A buckaroo boot is for the shows and is typically more decorated than usual boots. There is also the riding boots which are used by men and women who are part of both English and Western riding circles.

Celebrities And Politicians Associated With Cowboy Boots

One of the most notable cowboy boots enthusiasts is the iconic actor James Dean. His cowboy boots from his movie “Giant” became one of his signatures look before and after his death. Perhaps one of its most popular appearances is in the photo of Dean chilling under the blue sky and wearing a cowboy hat.

During her earlier days, Taylor Swift used to rock cowboy boots with her acoustic guitar and short dresses. Kate Moss has been wearing cowboy boots in most of her appearances. Victoria Beckham is known to also like wearing these shiny shoes. And who would forget the time back in the 2000s when Madonna made the boots popular again just by kicking up desert sand during her music video for her song “Don’t Tell Me?”

Cowboy boots also have an influence in the political atmosphere of the country, particularly the Republican candidates. According to Time, if you’re running as a Republican, there’s a good chance that you’d be wearing cowboy boots. One of the most famous politicians who rocked cowboy boots is the former president Ronald Reagan who started the trend for the Republicans. Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin also rocked cowboy boots during her campaigns. Cowboy boots never really get old. They are likely to stay an American icon.

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