Motivating Kids To Do Homework

As a parent you’re probably fully aware of the homework struggle.

As a parent you’re probably fully aware of the homework struggle. It’s rare that children look forward to completing their homework, but it’s an essential part of academic life. For this reason, we will try and guide you with some tips on how you can motivate and encourage your child to complete their homework without it becoming a headache for the both of you.

Why Children Resist Completing Homework

Many children fail to see the importance and value that homework has as they have already been at school all day so why should they have to spend free time studying too! Other reasons why children dislike completing homework could be poor organisation and time management skills as well motivational and attention issues.

Discuss Why Homework is Important

Explain to your children why they need to do homework and outline how homework consolidates what they learn at school. Homework allows student the chance to practice and understand the topic that they are studying. Homework also helps to nourish healthy study habits as well as improve time management, memory and cognitive skills.

Motivating Your Children To Complete Homework

As a parent its crucial that you play an active role when it comes to your child completing homework as otherwise their overall academic performance could be affected. So instead of feeling like you are forcing your child to do their homework, you need to try and make homework an enjoyable experience and it’s not as hard as it sounds. Consider these tips to motivate your child to develop good habits when it comes to homework.

Create A Structure

If you have a structure in place your child will find it easier to get on with and complete any homework. Allocate a specific time and a special place that your child uses to complete homework. The time selected may need to be a time to suit each evening.

After School Break Time

Avoid asking your child to complete homework as soon as they get home from school, your child needs to time to take a break. This down time will help your child to feel more motivated and prepared to focus when it is time to sit down and complete homework.

Provide Praise and Rewards

Provide your child with a reward system for completing homework such as a sticker chart or a Singapore rubber stamp so that they can log their successes. For older children you could perhaps consider creating a homework club and they can complete homework with their friends. To encourage this, you could ask the children to design their own homework club logo and use jasa desain logo for inspiration.

Demonstrate By Example

When your child is completing their homework don’t spend your time on enjoyable activities such as watching television. Instead do some chores or read a book.

Keep Calm

Avoid shouting and yelling at each other, you need to have a calm discussion about the importance of homework. Arguing will just increase both of your stress levels and leave you both feeling frustrated which is not a good way to begin homework.

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